The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires: the city of contrasts

Every tourist who has arrived in this or that country, most of all, of course, is interested in the capital of the state. Argentina is no exception. The capital of this country is Buenos Aires. Most Russians associate it with football and tango, but in fact this metropolis is something more. It can be safely called a city of contrasts, because here in the neighborhood with fashionable blocks are slums, and near the ancient Spanish areas modern skyscrapers are flaunting. the capital of Argentina

General description

The capital of Argentina - the city of Buenos Aires - was founded in 1536.Located on the Riachuelo River, not far from La Plata Bay, 275 kilometers from the Atlantic coast. As of today, the city's area is about 202 km2, and taking into account the suburbs - 2 thousand km2.Neighborhoods of a megacity are often called pampas. They are meadow steppes and savannahs, occupied by many small rivers and lagoons. They often became the causes of severe flooding, and in this connection, at the beginning of the twentieth c

entury, the government implemented a project to artificially change the bed of many of them. In the suburbs of the metropolis there is a local airport, and one of the country's leading football clubs, Boca Juniors, is based.

Population of

There are almost three million people in Buenos Aires now. Due to the stable birth rate and constant immigration of the inhabitants of the country to the Argentine capital, this indicator is constantly growing. As a result, the density of the population here now exceeds the mark of 14.5 thousand people per square kilometer. Most of the local residents are descendants of Italians and Spaniards who moved here in the period from 16 to 19 century. It should be noted and the numerous communities of representatives of other nationalities. If we talk about the agglomeration, then it is inhabited by more than 14 million people. This is one of the largest indicators in the world. country Argentina capital


Like the whole country of Argentina, its capital is under the influence of a subtropical moist climate. The average summer temperature here is 24 degrees Celsius, and in winter the thermometer is about 10 degrees above zero. The optimal time of visiting the city is called spring and autumn. The air temperature in these months is quite comfortable( an average of 18 degrees).Precipitation in Buenos Aires falls throughout the year. Whatever it was, the rains are short-lived, and therefore can not be called an obstacle to travel here. Snow and frosts are quite rare phenomena. the capital of Argentina city


The capital of Argentina boasts a well-developed public transportation system. As practice shows, there are no problems with getting to anywhere in the city. Metro is considered to be the fastest way to travel around Buenos Aires. Its branches connect the metropolitan center even with remote areas. The fare( in local currency equivalent) is about 0.5 US dollar. It is impossible not to mention the well-established network of bus routes, of which there are about 130. Tickets for this type of transport can be purchased directly from the driver, and one trip will cost an average of $ 0.65.In the Argentine capital there are also two tram routes, but the locals use them very rarely. Most of the tourists who used to visit here advise you to use the services of a taxi when traveling, because the journey is relatively inexpensive - as a rule, not more than $ 5 per trip.


With its architectural monuments, galleries, museums, and other attractions, the capital of Argentina is famous throughout the world. The heart of Buenos Aires is the Plaza de Mayo. The most remarkable and important buildings of the city are concentrated on it - the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the "Pink House", which is used as a governmental residence. The most popular monument among travelers is the Obelisk, which rises 67 meters above the Republic Square. Next to it is the museum of Jorge Borges - the most famous Argentine writer. It is impossible not to mention the Teatro Colón, erected in 1908.It has its own library and museum. It is a must visit and Avenue on July 9th. On its territory are concentrated many ancient buildings, differing in unique architecture. transfer of the capital of Argentina

Ability to transfer the capital

In the summer of 2014, the country's president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, issued a statement that the government is considering the option according to which the capital of Argentina could be moved to the city of Santiago del Estero. This idea was motivated by the distantness of Buenos Aires from the center of the state. Along with this, the opposition and many experts were rather skeptical about the possibility of making it real. The fact is that at that time the country had a difficult economic situation. In other words, the financial resources were barely enough to prevent a default, not to mention such costly administrative decisions. Thus, we can safely say that the transfer of the capital of Argentina from Buenos Aires in the near future will not take place.

the capital of the state of Argentina

Tourist tips

As mentioned above, the best time to visit the city is from October to April. Along with this, in connection with the variability of weather, it is recommended to take with them on a trip not only raincoat, but also warm clothes.

Purchase of subscription tickets will save considerable money on transport.

If you look good, you can find relatively cheap and acceptable places to stay. In particular, the night in the hostel will cost about 12 dollars.

Most of the stores, including souvenir shops, do not work on Sundays.

The capital of Argentina is characterized by a rather high rate of pocket thefts. Especially it concerns transport and public places. In this regard, you can not leave bags or outerwear unattended, and it is better not to take valuable things for city walks at all.

When buying gifts and souvenirs, you must always keep checks, because in their absence, there may be problems with the export of such things.

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