16 years of marriage: what kind of wedding and what to give?

Wedding in any family is considered a significant day. This is the happiest, brightest day for lovers. And no matter how many years the couple spent together, the anniversary of the wedding is a special date. That is why the whole day of the wedding is celebrated every year. Even if the spouses do not call the guests, they still want to feel like young, loving and happiest again, as on that very day. And the date of 16 years of marriage is no exception. 16 Years of Wedding

What wedding is 16 years old?

In the Russian tradition, the wedding anniversary of 16 years does not have a special generally accepted name, and it is also not widely celebrated. It is believed that the couple by that time had already perfectly studied each other, wisdom and understanding had come to replace the tired passions. In place of the everyday turmoil of youth came the dimension. Children have grown up and ask other questions, without thinking about what kind of wedding - 16 years? And parents are more often concerned about the

difficulties of the transitional age of sons and daughters, rather than personal celebrations. However, the union that lived to the 16th wedding anniversary stage is worthy to celebrate its own birthday. And if you need to back up your desire for a holiday with some tradition, then take advantage of the experience of Holland and Germany. There, a 16-year wedding anniversary is usually called topaz. Accordingly, decorations, stylish accessories or souvenirs with this pure, transparent stone on this day are considered the best gift to each other. wedding anniversary 16 years

How to celebrate 16 years of your wedding?

This non-circular date, like 16 years of wedding, can be celebrated with children or invite only the closest relatives, old friends. However, you can give this day to yourself and spend it alone, in a romantic atmosphere. For example, take a one-day sightseeing tour or just take a walk around the city, visit the places where your meetings took place before the wedding. You can go to the movies or to the theater, depending on your preferences. And to finish the day is best with a solitary romantic dinner, remembering all the best that has happened to you over the years. what wedding is 16 years old

What to present for 16 years of the wedding?

Do not you have an anniversary? Close friends or relatives invited you to mark their date of 16 years of marriage? Of course, we should not refuse. As well as to be without a gift. When choosing a gift, remember that it is customary to give valuable gifts only to close relatives. And it is better for friends to choose something sensible and useful in everyday life: beautiful dishes, elegant bedding, tablecloths or bedspreads for upholstered furniture, a mixer, a kettle or a coffee maker. An excellent gift will be things that support the hobbies of the couple. And, of course, always a gift becomes valuable, which is created by own hands. Such a creative gift is especially pleasant when it is handed to children. And even if it's just a painted letter or a big postcard, the culprits of the celebration will be very pleasant. Well, in order to certainly not make a mistake in the choice, it is permissible to ask the desired gift from the "newlyweds" themselves. This will not diminish their joy at all. On the contrary, the relevance of your gift will only enhance positive emotions.

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