How to satisfy a man so that he simply lost his head from his lady?

Somehow there was a popular opinion that for men it is more important to have specific physiological sensations during sex. That is, on the question of how to satisfy a man, everyone rushes to give advice, what poses are most like the representatives of the stronger sex, what are the preferable actions during the process, which places they are erogenous.

how to satisfy a man Prelude

She definitely plays an important role in sex. But since it is often possible to satisfy a man with a "log", it is necessary to clarify a slightly incorrectly posed question. It is important for us not only to achieve ejaculation, but to awaken unforgettable feelings in our partner. So let's ask another question: "How to satisfy a man so that he does not even want to try to reach orgasm with another lady in his thoughts?"It is not necessary to imagine a partner as a being who lives by some physiological instincts. Men also have a vulnerable soul, and romantic dreams for them are not alien. Prelude for the stronger sex is one of

the most important factors in sex. Only it starts not at the time of bedding, but much earlier. A subtle hint at breakfast, a gesture or a nickname from the past, a walk through memorable places - it's not true that in the soul of a man the innermost string will not ring with a ringing sound!

satisfy a man RPG Games

There are, however, some nuances of perception of sex that separate men and women. For a lady, sometimes a habit can become a powerful exciting symbol: the same bed, some specific actions or smells, words or time of day. But these are the moments that can become "killer" for a man. Then many sex therapists offer this option: to excite and satisfy a man you can, surprising him with newness. Assistants are role-playing games. For example, a representative of the fair sex in the evening suddenly stepped into the room in a sexy nurse suit with the following words: "Patient, take a vitamin, I ask you to be examined! Undress! ".Or you can offer massage - also a winning option.

how to satisfy a man in bed Exercises for the muscles of the vagina

If the lady is oppressed by the question of how to deliver a physiological pleasure to a man, then she should start the exercises - exercise the vaginal muscles. For this there is a lot of exercises:

- squeezing and maximum retraction of the anus with alternating relaxation;

- tension and relaxation of the gluteal muscles;

- contraction and retraction of the vagina.

Making a partner want a lady - a whole science

Since it is possible to satisfy a man in bed only after the charmer is able to "lure", put him in this bed, and in a morally prepared state for sex, do not neglect pre-sexual arousal. And this does not necessarily have to be a touch or a rough hint of coitus. Men are hunters, they do not always enjoy the obsession and activity on the part of the partner. Therefore, the option of "accidentally" bare intimate part of the female body when performing any domestic work or during rest can be a powerful stimulus for the commission of the act of coition.

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