Foreign Policy of Peter the Great: A Window to Europe

The foreign policy of Peter 1 is of great importance for the history of our country. It was he who brought Russia to the seas, it was he who made it an Empire and a great power with a great fleet. He did not stop after failures, but did everything to overcome them. And he did it.

foreign policy of Peter 1

Foreign Policy of Peter 1

It is known that Peter the Great began his reign with his brother, and at their early childhood regency was Tsarevna Sophia. Streletskie riots strongly influenced the young king. And when he became the sole ruler, he got rid of all the streltsy conspirators. Began Peter 1 from the Azov campaigns. Their goal was not only to continue the war with the Crimea, but also to obtain the lands of the Azov and Black Seas. The first campaign ended in failure, but the second one yielded victorious results: Azov was taken, and the construction of the fleet began. After this success, the king realized that he needed the help of foreign specialists, so he decided to send young noblemen to study outs

ide Russia, and soon he himself makes a "campaign".

The Great Embassy of

The second success was the Great Embassy, ​​to which Peter the Great went under the guise of the name of the usual regimental officer of the regiment. It is worth noting that this trip was the first in the history of our country, when the ruler left the borders of his state. So, the result of the Great Embassy was training in the shipbuilding of noblemen, the purchase of ship equipment, and the embassy succeeded in recruiting foreign specialists. The foreign policy of Peter the Great presupposed an exit to the northern seas, however, it was difficult to initially resist the strong and mighty Sweden. Of course, we are talking about the Northern War. results of foreign policy Petra 1 Peter, returning from his journey, organized the Northern Alliance against the Swedish king. The war, which lasted 21 years, began very sadly for the Russian army: the defeat near Narva made it clear to the young tsar that the country needed serious changes in all spheres of life. The king immediately embarks on reforms, and two years later he has a Western-style army at his disposal. This helps to take him a few fortresses that open the way to the desired sea. But Peter does not stop. Domestic and foreign policy of Peter 1 at that time was too tough for the population of the country: heavy and high taxes, strong demand from agriculture, violent changes - all this kept the country in awe. During the Northern War, Peter takes another victorious campaign - the Prussian. After that, Turkey interferes in the war. But this does not stop the tsar, and he brings it to an end: a loud victory over mighty Sweden, consolidation in the Baltic Sea, the founding of the Russian Empire and the adoption of the title of emperor, the formation of the fleet - all this brings the country to a new level.

Domestic and Foreign Policy Petra 1

The foreign policy of Peter the Great was the beginning of the formation in Russia of a state with European orders. It allowed to partially overcome the backwardness of the Western powers and form a strong empire. The results of Peter's foreign policy, however, like all his activities, were of great importance for the future of our country, now the Great Russian Empire.

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