How to determine the spoiling and the evil eye? How to remove spoilage and the evil eye

People sometimes notice that trouble began to fall on them like a plentiful summer rain. Only they do not add freshness to life, nor do they bring joy. It's all about energy. Such people are under the influence of spoilage or evil eye. The state is not only unpleasant, but also very dangerous. How to detect spoilage in order to get rid of it faster? What are its symptoms? Let's figure it out.

When to start worrying?

It is clear that everyone has black( or gray) stripes in life. You will not become on every occasion to suspect that corruption has appeared. How to determine this state, tell a lot. It is recommended to start with memories and analysis. The fact is that this negative impact affects all aspects of life. It can be imagined as a huge black hole through which the human powers flow. Imagine that you need a certain amount of "resources" for a normal existence. It is not only food, water and other material goods. It's about your energy. In the ordinary state, a person has a lot or, let's say,

enough. And in the presence of spoilage or the evil eye, its lack is felt. Just part of the energy takes away the negro's egregores. What, ask? But this is a separate conversation. The arsenal here is very large. If you feel a lack of strength, then you certainly need to know how to determine the damage, in order to establish their suspicions.

how to determine damage

Symptoms of

Now let's talk about a specific diagnosis. Do not swear and be patient. You will see that you can not name a few specific symptoms of such a negative impact. It is too multifactorial, quirky, cunning. When figuring out how to spot damage, focus on what's important to you personally. That is, the negative manifests itself in the "thinnest" place. And it is in that sphere of life that is most sensitive to a person. If you try to "adjust" your symptoms to certain parameters, you can get confused, taking a secondary for the main. And if you use the criterion of importance, it will be clearer. Analyzing the events, pay attention to the moment of the onset of negative changes. If it can be clearly identified, there is likely to be spoilage. Although, not always it starts to act swiftly, sharply plunging the victim into a series of misfortunes and misfortunes. However, the border can still be felt or recalled. In addition, when you think how to determine the damage to yourself or a loved one, concentrate on feeling well. The organism in this case acts as your ally. He always tells me if there is a negative in the aura.


This is exactly the symptom, perhaps, is the most true. The mood changes in a person when he is affected by the evil eye and corruption. How to determine this? So just watch yourself. Most people under negative influence experience uncertainty, depression, despondency. What previously pleased, now not interested. And in general, the world becomes gray, loses its colors. From the eyes every now and then rolling incomprehensible tears. It seems that those around you have a negative attitude, are angry or quibble. A change of mood is a very good sign. After all, with the usual melancholy, soon the colors come back to your world again. Another thing is damage. How to determine, here and guess is not worth it. If the period of despondency lasts a long time, and moreover has no real reasons, then the diagnosis is correct.


This symptom is suitable only for people who remember nightly, astral travel. With a negative effect on the aura, they become alarming, even creepy. You can not even remember the stories in the morning, but the feeling of trouble will remain. Dreams become painful, dark, disturbing. It feels like enemies are chasing you or something worse. No relation to ordinary nightmares is symptomatic images. A man wakes up with such a weight on his soul that he just does not feel like getting up. Forces are not perfect, the coming day causes only more despondency. Have you observed this? So, you can be sure, you have a malefice and corruption. How to determine what has been negatively affected? This will be discussed further.

damage how to define


First just a few words about what exactly bring the evil eye or corruption. Troubles, as a rule, come to all spheres of life. At work a mess, at home scandals, money evaporates in an unknown direction, friends turn away, and loved ones sulk or worse. This enumeration is, of course, inaccurate. Most often, damage affects one sphere. However, everyone else is under attack. The main thing is that all these troubles and vicissitudes take a person's sense of happiness, calmness, joy. They weigh heavily on the shoulders, exhausting the soul, making one mistake after another. And nowhere is there any rest. All exits, as the grandmothers-presenter, say, are closed. By the way, these experts in magical services know exactly how to determine the damage on a person. Ask anyone, and find out the more correct way.

Define spoilage with the egg

This method is well known. He is considered the most faithful leader. It is necessary to take a fresh chicken egg. This means that the product must be obtained from the chicken on the day of the ritual. It can not be stored in the refrigerator. Then the egg is considered alive. Take it in your hands if you want to determine your own state. Think about all your misfortunes( or what you think of them).Beat the egg in a jar or bowl with clear water. It is desirable to take a container transparent to see what you will get. How to break it, hold the container over your head for several minutes. Now you can watch. If the yolk has spread, then the spoilage is definitely there. When the protein rises to the surface with threads, crowned with bubbles, as they say, "heads go out".This is most likely a malefice or corruption that does not need to be removed. She will pass herself. So too happens. Negative shows a torn yolk, blood or rotten egg. In this case, it is necessary to remove spoilage. We will also talk about this.

evil eye and corruption how to identify

How to determine spoilage or evil eye in the church

There is still a sure way to diagnose energy problems. It suits people mostly for believers. We must go to the temple. There put yourself a happy candle at the Icon of the Virgin. Before lighting from the lamp, pray, ask for a blessing. Now say so: "Mother of God! Jesus Christ is the parent! You are a comfort to every sinner! Tell me, show me if there are magic spells on me, evil human eyes? "Now light a candle. If it begins to smoke or spark, you know, you have a negative. Stand by the fire. Observe further. Corruption prompts the flows of black. See them - ask for help from the Mother of God. But when a candle shoots like a small Bengali flame, then look for help on the side. Strong corruption on you is induced. You yourself can not cope.

how to determine spoilage on a person

How to determine damage to loneliness

Joy of love is one of the greatest values ​​in our world. Only not at all they happen in life. Naturally, such unhappy people suspect a negative impact. For them, there is a way how to determine the damage to loneliness. It will take a usual pin for the ritual. In the morning, pin it to the clothes. Say this: "Lord, save me, the sinner, from the loneliness of inconsolable, lead to the dear road to my doorstep! Amen! "Now do your own business. And in the evening, look at the pin. If it is unbuttoned or lost, then the spoilage is definitely there. To find out who brought it, the tiger's eye will help. This is a stone. It is necessary to put it under the mattress for the night. An evil person will dream or manifest differently. Not necessarily you will see your enemy. But in a dream, there will probably be a clue where the trouble came from. It is necessary to deal with this separately. Well, the damage must be removed, of course.

how to determine spoiling for loneliness

Is there any damage in the family

You also understand that close people influence each other. Sometimes, from a bad mood or well-being one becomes bad for everyone. This happens if there is damage to the family. How to identify this "infection", too, are advised. We must go out of town and pick up St. John's wort. This herb since ancient times was considered to be protective or protective. It is necessary to collect as many twigs as there are people in the house. Everyone in the room( at the bed) hang. Now watch how the grass grows. Who has the quickest grudge, it needs to be chastised. Corruption of this man. And if everything is evenly wilted, not quickly, but in a couple of days, then there is no negative in the house. Just a person is moping or sick. Most likely, he will have to go to the doctor. But just in case, in the house of the candle, burn a couple of days. And it is good to hang icons. The images of believers always protected from diabolical intrigues.

In the family of strife

Quarrels and scandals for sure at least once everyone has happened. It is difficult to suspect external influence. But when such a state drags on, the world does not come into the house, perhaps, the corruption is aimed at divorce. How to determine such an impact accurately, so as not to doubt? Yes, it's also not difficult. Nettle leaves are necessary for the ritual. Veduny recommend to collect them yourself, before sunrise. But if this is not possible, buy a dried herb in the pharmacy. Just add a pinch of tea to the tea when you are together to trapeze. If you do have a corruption for divorce, then you will feel a headache. It can appear either in one or both of the spouses. Therefore it is recommended to drink tea together and watch. This is the right way. Especially when the grass itself collect and dry.

Let's sum up the diagnosis

Know when you suspect a negative, you need to be especially observant. After all, there are a lot of ways to get spoilage. Any nuance should attract your attention. For example, some strange things in the house or under the threshold. They can not be touched with their hands. To lift suspicious objects you need to use gloves or sweep the broom with a broom. Then it's better to betray the fire. If you want to know how to determine the spoiling yourself, you will have to learn to pay attention to all sorts of trivia. For example, a look or whisper behind your back. In this way often the negative in the field of a person is brought. But of course, you can not be saved. Therefore, you need to listen to yourself, feelings, mood, well-being. The body is the first to detect a loss of energy. If there is a cat in the house, then involve it in the diagnosis. This animal not only senses the negative, but also sees entities from another world. She begins to worry, breaks out, does not want to go to the hands of the person who has a corruption.

how to spot spoilage yourself

Methods to combat the negative

If the diagnosis is clear, then we approach the most basic. Namely, we will consider how to get rid of spoilage yourself. Do not believe that this is impossible. Aura is your own, what can not be done with it? One of the most popular methods is egg rolling. Only fresh products are needed for the ritual, as described above. Learn by heart the prayers. It is recommended "Our Father" and the 90th Psalm. Take the egg in your hand and roll it over the skin, reading the prayers. Ideally, you need to cover the entire body. The process is long, exhausting. After a certain time, you will feel that the egg has become heavy. It should be thrown away and take another. As a rule, the ceremony lasts at least three hours. You can strengthen it with a bell ringing. Find the video and turn it on again. Let it continuously sounds. Beginners with the first time can not all damage to leave. If negative phenomena continue to invade your life, then retake the rite. By the way, spoilage is best cast out on the waning moon. The night queen will help you.

how to determine spoilage or the evil eye

Pour on wax

Buy candles in the temple. For a ritual, you must have at least two. But with severe damage you will have to repeat several times, so think through all the options and stock up on "attributes" for future use. Also prepare a spoon and a bowl of water. Light one candle. Read the "Our Father".Now in the spoon, add the wax from the second candle and heat in the flame first. Say this: "Lord Almighty! To all your will! Defend your sinful servant( name).Let witchcraft and villainy go away, sorcery does not oppress me. Let the devil's forces go out of their blood and affairs, I do not care for them. Amen! "With the last word, pour the melted wax into the water. Look at what happened. Figures will prompt who spoiled what they wanted. So, needles talk about obstacles, holes - about illnesses. Sometimes the witch from wax turns out. This is a sign of spoiling for personal life. If you see "knots" and weaves, they mean that someone envies your income and well-being. The described procedure must be repeated three times. Wax is thrown away. In his house you can not leave in any case. Knowledgeable experts recommend repeating the whole process in a month, in order to get rid of spoilage or evil eye.

We have discussed what is corruption, how to identify and remove this misfortune. This is just the most basic information. Remember that the negative is tricky. He can hide under the guise of good. Be attentive to yourself and your loved ones.

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