Indulgence is a word from the depths of the centuries

Some words of modern vocabulary are used with unusual frequency, largely due to youth, which brings these neologisms into the language, by their transition from slang. Many words start to be interested in the names of any groups in social networks, and there are many such examples. The words "troll", "trolling" and other similar appeared due to the comic little comic book, which everyone calls "meme".There are many other examples, one of which will be dismantled today. What is an indulgence( definition of a word, history of a term)?There will not be a full linguistic analysis, of course, but a general idea of ​​the word and the possibility of its application will be obtained.

"Indulgence" is a community "VKontakte"?

Indulgence Is it?

Recently, a large number of users of social networks are gaining such communities as "Overheard", "Gossip Girl" and, of course, "Indulgence."And if in the first two cases everything is extremely clear, then in the latter it is worth considering what it is. The group itself is a bun

ch of subscribers who regularly post their interesting, so-called "sinful" stories. The administration of the group filters this and arranges a survey about whether it is worth shedding a person for what he has done. At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing of interest in this, but many stories are very funny and can laugh to a pain in the abdomen. After all, what can be funnier than the stupidity of other people?

The course of religion

What is an indulgence definition

Indulgence is a term that came from religious vocabulary, and in this context is hardly used today, which is connected with the cancellation of this very rule. The Catholic Church, even in the Renaissance, began to issue a reference to the fact that the sinner is freed from the temporary punishment of God, who must comprehend him for the deeds he has done. This piece of paper, which, according to the greatest book - the Bible - has no "legal" power, has become the object of speculation among the church ministers, because very often they gave it out for money or other reward from the generous aristocrats. It is for this reason that at the moment this concept is used in churches, but very rarely, and we live in a world where one can not redeem one's sin by living with a quiet soul.

Introduction of the concept of

In the middle of the 13th century, Hugo Saint-Schersky developed such a concept as indulgence. He stated the meaning of the word in his numerous works, which concerned religious subjects and in some way criticized and ridiculed that spiritual system. In the middle of the 14th century, or more precisely in 1343, the entire Catholic Church with Pope Clement 4th introduced the concept and recognized the concept of this innovation. In 1567, already the Pope of Rome, Pius the 5th, forbade the issuance of indulgences, if this was preceded by any reward to the church clerk or church. It is according to this rule that the modern church is working at the moment, but now there is a whole rule "Guide to indulgences", which came into force in 1968 and was slightly retouched in 1999.

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Indulgence in other religions

In connection with regular wars on a religious basis, countries with a different religion were subjected to the constant influence of the papal empire. If, for example, the countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries, which were Orthodox, were not particularly subjected to oppression and innovations by the Papal States( any religious reforms prevented the uprising of religious fanatics led by the church), then the Greek Church changed very much after that,as it fell under the influence of Catholics. Thanks to such influence in the practice of the Greek clergy came the issue of certificates, which write off all the sins. At that time, every visitor to such a church knew what an indulgence meant. At first everything went unofficially, and the budget of the churches was not very replenished, but everything changed in the 18th century.

Indulgence is the meaning of a word

Greek church: indulgence is. ..

Already in the 17th century AD, a patriarch named Dosifei Natara, who was in Jerusalem, on a sacred ground for all Christians, wrote about the indulgence as the oldest and long-known practice of the remission of sins. The Greeks, as usual, decided to change a lot, because they did not want everyone to understand what a strong influence on their church the Papal region has. In all the letters, the word "indulgence" was not used, which came from Latin, henceforth it was referred to as a "permit".The most interesting thing is that the most ancient civilized people, about which much is known to mankind, did not follow the practice of the "Latins" and left the so-called sale of permissive letters to everyone, which, most likely, greatly affected the sincerity of the church as such. Fortunately, they were not used so often, and documented only a few cases of issuing certificates, and those were issued by higher clergy.

indulgence means

Results of

What is indulgence, the meaning of the word, how it is applied at the moment and the story have been disassembled. Of course, at the moment few people are interested in church aspects, and in most cases people are just interested in this because of the obscure name of the community in the social network "VKontakte", Facebook, etc. And often you can read the absurd answers to the question:"Indulgence - what does that mean?"All this is a story that spiritually enriches and makes each person wiser. One can confidently state that such articles enrich a person spiritually, bringing to his world new concepts that he may have to face in the near future.

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