Is the face lit - a sign or a stressful situation for the body?

A charming blush or excruciating redness?

From time to time enough someone's obliquely look, as you feel that your face is blushing. The more you focus on the fact that the face burns, the more flaring cheeks. And although most of us blush, only for a few the crimson blush is a problem.

lit face Both women and men become blushing. Studies show that in a difficult situation, as many as 55 percent of the British blush, but only 21 percent of the Spaniards. However, this does not mean that the inhabitants of Madrid are more confident than the inhabitants of London. Simply the lighter and more sensitive the skin, the more you can see how the face burns. In swarthy southerners, blush is not visible. Most Slavs often have a fairly light skin tone, so we blush constantly.

Why does blush appear?

Very often blush easily by those who are nervous about contacts with people, especially strangers. And also the face of those who too considers with opinions of others burns. Blush is an automatic reaction.

When we worry, the nervous system is excited. This leads to spasm of the peripheral vessels. The blood flows from the limbs( hence the accompanying excitement of the sensation of cold hands) to the upper parts of the body. to which the face burns It flows to the head through the blood vessels located under the skin, causing a visible change in the color of the face. It is for this reason that superstition is widespread that if a person is burning, it is to meet with an unknown or unpleasant situation. Consolation for the blushing may be that with every year we have been blushing less and less, because we are becoming more resistant to possible criticism, and the skin becomes less sensitive over the years.

Sign or cosmetic defect?

You probably heard a lot of signs about what the face burns to. Most often popular beliefs claim that it is at this moment about a man gossiping or gossiping. However, often when a person is burning, it is not only a nervous reaction, but also problems with pressure. The blush can fill us in a stuffy room or during the heat. Often the face burns and after drinking coffee or alcohol - the mechanism here is the same - the surface vessels expand. If blush is a problem for you, be aware that there are medications that help calm the nervous system and become more balanced. It happens that repeated persistent blush is a symptom of depression, social phobia, neurosis. Then help blockers of excessive sensitivity of the nervous system( sweating, trembling, hot flashes), soothing drugs, antidepressants. However, remember that this is not a cosmetic remedy, but a way to cope with more serious problems, one of the manifestations of which is the redness of the face. if the person burns In the fight against excessive blush, cosmetics, for example, creams for the vascular skin, which strengthen the blood vessels, will also help soften, thereby reducing redness. If you are burning face from weather conditions, you should avoid the appropriate situations: for example, do not go out into the heat on the street, wear a hat with wide margins, do not allow overheating. After all, reddening of the face in this case - a symptom of the fact that the body is at risk - heat or sun shock, a sharp increase in pressure. Therefore, redness is not so much a sign or a cosmetic defect as an organism's signal that it is in a stressful situation.

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