Cry in a dream - fortunately?

Why do I need a dream?

Scientists believe that in a dream, we process all the information that has accumulated in our day, not only in the mind, but also in the subconscious. And it is in a dream that the deepest spiritual problems and grievances emerge. Perhaps, many people crying in a dream, and it is necessary to distinguish it is physiological crying, when we wake up with a pillow wet from tears, and when we dream that we cry. As for the second dream book, they repeat their every word. Some, built on the principle of "from the opposite," argue that crying in a dream - to joy, fun. This is a kind of substitution approach. We convince ourselves that everything will be fine. And the human consciousness is arranged in such a way that it tries to justify these expectations. Other interpreters, on the contrary, say that if you dream about a dream in which you are crying, then you must expect trouble. We will not fully trust either one or the other. Let's try to understand what happens to the bo

dy when we sleep.

cry in a dream Sleep and dream, maybe. ..

So, not every one of our dreams is accompanied by a dream. We see it only in the phase of fast sleep, when, as scientists believe, our brain most intensely processes the information received for life. It is no coincidence that some great discoveries were made in a dream. And if you imagine that there are a lot of psychotraumatic factors in life, with which you simply do not have time to cope in real life, then why be surprised that you have to cry in your sleep, shout and even walk! The latter, of course, is the extreme degree of violation. Usually, crying in a dream occurs in people who are excessively impressionable, with a weak type of nervous system. They are called "thin-skinned" - even if they do not show the mind, still the slightest event is experienced by them very deeply.

the child in a dream cries If the baby cries

If the child is crying in his sleep, do not rush to go immediately to psychoanalysts. Of course, it can be in his delicate nervous organization, in excessive excitability. But first you need to find out the physiological reasons, because often crying is a signal of some immediate problems: hot, cold, wet, etc. If you can not calm the baby for 15-30 minutes, pay attention to its behavior, measure the temperature. Perhaps this is a signal of an approaching illness. But even perfectly healthy children can cry in a dream, especially for a period of 4-8 years. In this case, the child simply continues to experience everything that happened to him during the day. In addition, outwardly - in tears and emotions - all the suppressed fears come out. crying in a dream If the child wakes up crying, try to gently ask him what he saw. Perhaps the impression is still fresh - it will help you understand what problems your child's brain processes. Some doctors recommend the use of glycine. It does not hurt, like the B vitamins, but first you need to try to find the simplest explanation: an experience or a traumatic event. Children catch not only what is happening, but what adults do not talk about. And if in the house, for example, there are a lot of conflicts or a tense atmosphere, perhaps this is what makes a child cry in a dream. If you are seriously worried about this problem, you need to consult a neurologist and neurologist.