A pin from the evil eye is your defense

There are always people among people who believe in supernatural and unbelievable phenomena( spoiling, spells, evil eye, curse, etc.), and those who deny the existence of anything other than science-explainable things. Well, everyone has the right to their opinion, but this article will be more interesting to those who want to find a way to protect themselves from interference of energy negativity.


Pin from the evil eye

It is very important to understand that the things that are familiar to us can very well become a kind of amulet, just need to know how to use them correctly. For example, it's no secret that the pin from the evil eye is

the most common means of protection. Unfortunately, very few people know and understand that if you just pin it on clothes, then this will not be enough.

Select the pin

Conspiracy for a pin from the evil eye

First select the pin. It is very important that it is securely fastened, especially with regard to choosing a "guard" for a small child. Perhaps, that's why the pin from the evil eye is pinned on a prominent place on children's clothes. However, there are other versions on this matter. Someone thinks that such a charm should not be visible to anyone and it should be hidden, pinning on the inner seam in clothes. Others, on the contrary, are convinced that the pin from the evil eye should be in sight and take on the negative, which bears the eye of the ill-wisher. For the same reason, some wear a red string on the wrist, so that it is first of all paid attention to, and thus the whole flow of negativity goes to the side. However, decide for yourself how to wear a pin from the evil eye, the main thing is to believe with all your heart that you are reliably protected from negative influence, and imagine yourself in a safe invisible ball through the walls of which nothing will come to you.

Read the conspiracy

How to wear a pin from the evil eye

Now you need to read the plot on the pin from the evil eye. To do this you will need a wax candle. It's better if you take the church. The ritual must be conducted after midnight. Unbutton the pin and hold it above the flame of the candle, this will help clear your talisman from the negative programs that may be on it. Now you need to read the next conspiracy three times in a row: "Guardian angel, given to me by destiny, from the evil eye, hide your defensive hand. May it be so. Amen. "After reading each time, it is necessary to drip onto the pin with wax, in total, three drops are obtained. Now your pin from the evil eye has acquired a powerful defensive force and will save you from the energy "blows" of ill-wishers.

We defend ourselves against the negative

Unfortunately, there are no clear signs of a person who can jinx it. In olden times it was thought that people with brown eyes and frowning eyebrows, then eschewed those who had strabismus, but in the Mediterranean countries it was believed that it was people with blue eyes that could jinx it. Now we can say with confidence that a person is able to jinx himself. Their negative thoughts and misperceptions of the world around them. Every day we are subjected to so-called "energy attacks", which break through our protective field. These can be skirmishes in crowded public transport, minor conflicts at work, in line at the store and so on. But all this leads to the fact that the human biofield weakens, and it becomes vulnerable. That's why we need a pin from the evil eye, because you never know who and where in the hearts can send you a trace "eh, so you. ..".

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