Rules of conduct in public places. Are they needed?

The culture of behavior in public places today is becoming almost the problem of society at number one. Basically, this applies to the younger generation. It is not known what is the reason - whether in poor upbringing, or simply in changing stereotypes, but their behavior in public places almost always left much to be desired. If only a few years ago the indignation came only from the elderly residents of the country, today it already comes from almost every person over 30 years old.

rules of conduct in public places Nothing can be hidden from the course of time. Not only the legal norms change, but also the norms of the Russian language. So the tendency to change always took place in our society. What to say - it was never conservative, unless unless it touched anything to the foul of the popular. So maybe rules of conduct in public places are not needed today? Maybe you should just forget them or invent new ones?

Somewhere, it is assumed that too many at this moment nod their heads or utter the words of agreement, looki

ng at the monitor screen. It remains to be hoped that the previous proposal was a vexing mistake, because if you remove all the rules of conduct in public places, then what will begin to happen on the streets? Chaos? Anarchy? Or will everything return to the likeness of the primitive communal system?

behavior in public places One way or another, but the degradation of society is especially noticeable today. Even the fair indignation that it is impossible to wait for help from anyone does not meet with the same enthusiasm. Society becomes hard, from society gradually turns into a few flocks, which inevitably begin to quarrel with each other. But everything can be changed, if not in the present, then in the near future. The rules of behavior in public places grafted from early childhood will gradually become the norm again, and( I hope, many will agree with this), thanks to the "cultivation" of the population, the priorities of young people will change, and the number of criminals will be several times less. culture of behavior in public places

Rules of conduct in public places ennoble a person, make him spiritually cleaner. It is worth remembering several pages of any historical novel, and it immediately becomes clear how compliance with these rules makes a person attractive. And there will be no need for new-fangled things, as well as "cheap ponies" to gain popularity. For this, it will only be necessary to act according to the instruction.

By the way, in the history of our country there have already been such examples. They were introduced in due time by Peter the First - a truly great Russian ruler. His book on etiquette carried rules of conduct in public places to the people. And punishments for their non-compliance, sometimes cruel, did their job and could pull people out of the "dense".Today's legislative authorities should re-read the history books and take into account its actions. Today's youth can and should be influenced only from a position of strength. And only in this case there will be long-awaited results. Let not immediately, but for a short time.

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