A party in the style of the 90's

Thematic parties

Nowadays themed parties are becoming extremely popular. Choosing a certain style, organize weddings, birthdays and just meeting with friends. All this is understandable, because usually these events are quite fun and unusual, and the topic of the meeting can be a favorite film or even an era from the past. With special interest and desire, people attend events called "Disco 80", where they can dance to long-forgotten rhythms. However, the party in the style of the 90's will be very actual, the bolo that this time corresponds to a rather interesting style in everything from the appearance and fashion, ending with the interior of the apartments.

90 We prepare apartment

If you decide to organize such a holiday, you need to take care that in your house everything corresponds to the style of the 90s. First of all, you should pay attention to the design of the room. During this time, it was fashionable to hang posters on the walls depicting their idols, more often they were phot

ographs of musicians.

Think about the menu

The party in the style of the 90's should be thought through to the smallest detail. You need to carefully think through the menu, because the festive table should also match the mood of those years. Here everything is simple enough, because the special variety and richness of the dish did not differ - it was a traditional salad olivier, simple sandwiches with sausage, mashed potatoes. As for drinks, you will have to stock up on Citron, Buratino, Soda Cream and, of course, Pepsi, a drink that has gained incredible popularity in these years. By the way, if you put a festive table on an oilcloth, then you will definitely be able to create the right atmosphere.

Interesting ideas for a party Music for Party

Well, what a party in the style of the 90's without proper musical accompaniment. Now it's easy to find the music you need, so write down the necessary repertoire in advance, which will most likely consist of songs from "Hands Up", "Ivanushki international", "Spice Girls", "Metallica", "Virus", etc.

Ideas for the

Party outfits

Holiday By the way, you can use interesting ideas for a party if you recall what other features are inherent in the dashing 90-ies. For example, then all the meetings and youth festivals were quite noisy, so boldly turn on the TV during the party, just select the appropriate video( this may be a broadcast of "Star Hour" or "Love at First Sight").Be sure to stock up with chewing gums, from which you can blow bubbles, remember: they were "Turbo", "Love is. ..", etc. By the way, they can be got now.


And, of course, it is necessary to say a few words about party outfits. The appearance of the girls can be described as "a riot of colors", because in clothes then there were not all the colors of the rainbow, but also the maximum possible number of different shades. Bright leggings, colored T-shirts, jeans-varenki and voluminous costume jewelry. In men's clothing should be present jackets with large overhead shoulders, as well as sports suits "Adidas".It is very important to make a hairstyle, which should consist of an impressive and voluminous fleece and a huge amount of varnish. The party in the style of the 90s is a great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of those years with a head and to have fun from the heart, rejoicing that now we live in a more developed and advanced time.

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