Damir: the meaning of the name and its characteristics

What is the meaning of the name Damir? To understand this, it is very important to understand its origin. Damir has several versions of the appearance. So, from the Arabic language it is translated as "honest, conscientious, stubborn".From Tatar - "smart, sympathetic."

Academician Zakiev also put forward his hypothesis regarding the name Damir. The meaning of the name, according to his version, is like the Turkic - Timur( "iron").

In the Slavic language it is believed that it appeared due to the words "peace", "give."The most interesting version is that the name Damir came to us from the Soviet period and was formed from the then famous phrase - "you give the world revolution".

Character by the name

The character of Damir, as a rule, has a large number of positive qualities. This is a fairly balanced and independent person who does not spend his energy and energy on empty talk and business.

damir value of the name

If the parents still do not decide how to name the child, then the ideal option will be Damir. Th

e meaning of the name makes it clear that this is a calm, obedient, disciplined boy. He is quite polite and inquisitive. Parents can be sure that he will not forget about their existence for a moment, because the bearers of this name always appreciate and respect the father and mother until his death.

The meaning of Damir's name for a boy can be defined as the name of a strong, energetic, purposeful and hard-core person. Calling the child this way, parents will certainly notice in the future developed intuition and firmness in decision-making.

Damir. The meaning of a name in love

A man with that name, as a rule, is affable and affectionate with the girls, which is why he has practically no problems on the love front. But his other half should have the same qualities as Damir - energy, purposefulness and independence. It is not out of place that this man thinks a woman has a sense of humor and ingenuity.

What is different about Damir? The meaning of the name, character, relationship with the girls, we have already considered, but what about the family and marriage? How in this case will a man show himself? As a rule, the family life of Damir is developing successfully. With his wife, he lives in understanding and love. He does not forbid her to develop and make her career.

For Damir, the family is the Universe. He loves and appreciates his children very much. Damir important how his children will develop, with whom they will be friends and what kind of education they will receive in the future. He is a wonderful father who will never miss the opportunity to play with his children in checkers, chess and other intellectual games.

the meaning of the name Damir for the boy

Professional activities

Representatives of this name are leaders in life. This shows us the meaning of the name Damir. For a boy and an adult, men are a great quality. Damir always confidently goes to his goal, despite the difficulties and obstacles. Among other things, he has a lot of knowledge, determination and firmness, which allows him to confidently achieve success in any field of activity. From Damir, you can get a great entrepreneur, scientist, politician, translator, teacher, administrator, fireman, receptionist, etc. Also the representative of this name excels in creative activity. He can easily become a stuntman and an airman.


Damir always helps her friends and never forgets them, even despite the significant advancement on the career ladder. He always helps with money and good advice. Damir is easy enough, tactful and benevolent in dealing with people. He is a real psychologist, which is why he does not have any problems with others. In addition, Damir quite easily acquainted and makes new friends.

damir the meaning of the name character


Damir is a very versatile personality. Trying one thing, he will certainly take another. That is why, for their lives, representatives of this name can try everything, from parachute jumping to eating insects.

It's pretty hard to say that this person is capable of anything to fear in life. He quietly focuses on the terrain, easily finding a way out even from the most difficult labyrinth;falls to the depth, experiencing great pleasure;manages an airplane, shouting loudly for joy, etc.

Damiru is not interested in everyday life and daily routine. He prefers to always occupy himself with something new and unexplored.

Zodiac Sign

What is the meaning of Damir's name? Male greatness, steadfastness, independence and iron character are all those qualities that are available to representatives of this beautiful name. Therefore, Damir is better to call the boys who were born under the sign of Virgo and Taurus. The latter will make the possessor of this name softer, more restrained and calmer. The same applies to the Virgin. Such combination will lead to diligence, modesty, discernment and sincerity.

the meaning of the name Damir male

Name day Damir does not note, since it does not appear in Orthodox svyatsam.

Good luck in educating Damir!

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