Who suits the Twins. Compatibility of Zodiac signs and characters

Before the charm and charm of the enamored Gemini, no woman can resist. Even if you hardly know him, he will make a magical impression on you. For an hour of communication you will learn more about him than over the years of acquaintance. Gemini likes to talk about everything. He will charm you at first sight, admit to love on the first date, give you roses, but in the registrar, most likely, he will not hurry.

who fits the twins

Who fits the Gemini?

Twins always believe in the power of their intelligence, and it helps them to win in any life situations. They do not like fighting, preferring fisticuffs to negotiations. Such a man can be approached only by a smart companion of life, to whom he can trust all his dreams and projects, and she will not interrupt him.

Changeable as mercury. ..

Astrologers believe that it was thanks to the Twins that speech and writing appeared. They are the keepers of history, because they write it down. Before you understand who is fit for the Twins, you need

to understand their rather complex and changeable, like mercury character. By the way, Mercury controls them, and their metal is mercury. Gemini - it's like two people, welded together, but looking at the world from different angles. They perfectly understand each other, but they are still two, and this makes communication a little difficult. Gemini is very fond of talking and will be able to maintain a conversation with anyone.

Strength in Intelligence

twins fit

You can talk for a long time about who suits Gemini, but above all it's intelligent and rational girls who can find a logical explanation for everything. Twins are always analyzing something. This will affect the person who wants to be with them. If your elect is Gemini, all your pros and cons will be accurately calculated. Note, not even every astrologer will be able to tell who is fit for Gemini in fact. Most of all they like to learn secrets. For the sake of this Gemini even willing to risk their own lives. If you hide something from them, then you do not give them the opportunity to understand you. Twins fit girls who have no secrets from them.

Four elements of

which sign of the zodiac is suitable for twins

To understand which sign of the Zodiac suits the Twins, first of all you need to explore the elements, which are only four. They themselves belong to the air, therefore, Aquarius and Libra are more suitable for them, because both are considered aerial signs. And since the air( if not strongly blow) well supports burning, Gemini will also be approached by the signs of the element of Fire, such as Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. They are suitable for a pleasant pastime, and for marriage. Especially the Gemini and Sagittarius are compatible, since they have many common intellectual and research interests.

Individual approach

But the signs of the Earth and Water Gemini almost do not fit. However, we should not make hasty conclusions, since human compatibility is considered when comparing two astrological natal charts, and the position of the Sun( and this is our zodiac sign) plays in this matter is not the most serious role. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the union of Gemini and Scorpio( this is a watermark), for example, can bring with it a storm of emotions that sweeps everything in its path, but a joint life will most likely not work, unless, of course, other aspects of the astrologicalcards do not say the opposite. Now it became clearer who approaches the Gemini, and who does not.

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