How to make a guy nice: simple tips for ladies

With guys harder

Surprises, of course, like everything, regardless of age and gender. To make a surprise to a girl is much easier than a guy. Here, fantasy can sweep around with might and main: a soft toy will do, and beautiful earrings will rejoice, and a new handbag will come in handy. But how to make a guy nice? Over it, millions of loving ladies break their brains.

A little imagination!

Practice shows - everything is not so difficult, the main thing is to think carefully about what he loves and what a young man is fond of. What can give him maximum pleasure? It is not necessary that the surprise be material. You can just send him a nice little note with an invitation to visit some romantic place or make a chic dinner with candles and think over a luxurious continuation: in bed or full fragrant foam bath. The spark in the eyes and a good foreplay are obligatory. There is such an option. He returns home after a hard day's work, and his beloved cooks a delicious dinner in the kit

chen. So what? And the fact that she wears a nice apron on her bare body and charming shoes on a hairpin. A pleasant surprise to a guy in this case is simply provided. how to make a guy nice

Hello to the receiver

Imagine this situation. He is at work( at home, in the car, in a traffic jam - the right thing to emphasize) and listens to the radio. Suddenly, suddenly your voice is heard from him with confessions and a warm greetings to him, beloved. A good mood for the whole day to him and you gratitude in the evening are secured.

Gift beautifully!

Beautifully present a ready gift is also not an easy task. To do this, you can find a large box( for example, from under the TV), paste on it beautiful paper, ribbons, joint photos and nice wishes to the guy. And then hide inside this miracle along with a gift. It remains only to imagine his surprised eyes and joyful expression when you come out of a huge box with a smaller box in your hands, in a beautiful dress( or without it, at your discretion) and words of love and tenderness on your lips. nice surprise guy

The old idea of ​​

How to make the guy nice, we also knew our mothers and grandmothers. Stara, but from this no less original, the idea with notes, consistently pointing to the place where the gift is hidden. It will revive the idea of ​​a variant with passing admissions in love and small verses in the same notes. Better yet, with the desires that he must fulfill in order to get the next clue. And what are the desires, can only tell your imagination.

Another thought

Is he an ardent football fan? Then we know the answer to the question: "How to make a guy nice?" On the eve of the World or European Championship, or maybe just an important match with his favorite team, buy him a good beer and everything that he relies on. Does not like beer? No problem. The ball and football attributes( T-shirt, scarf, whistle, etc.) Pleasant wishes to the guy will sincerely please any fan. Just do not forget to clarify for which team he is sick, because the fan of "MU" is unlikely to like the form of "Chelsea".By the way, if the game takes place in your city, it's a good reason to buy a ticket in advance and present it solemnly.

The main thing is care!

Still have not decided how to make the guy nice? Surround it with attention and care( within reason, of course).Prepare delicious sandwiches for work, put in a pocket or purse a note with warm words, write down a disk or a stick of a song that he likes to listen on the road. Be sure, he will appreciate it.

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