Wishes for the night girl. Become those whom she will see dreams about

Words, words, words. .. - this is the best way to

The old truth that "women love with ears" is perfectly justified in modern execution. After all, communication increasingly takes the form of SMS messages, chat rooms on portals, in "scam", in Skype - that's why the girls will rather read what you want to say than they hear. .. Yes, and conspiracy again - if after midnight parents hearfrom the daughter's room "talkers", they can easily forbid her to communicate not only with boyfriends, but also with friends, or even walk in general. Therefore, it is better to send a message to a girl at night for a girl. .. With the phone under the pillow, reading your compliments and affectionate words for the night, she will think and dream of only one thing. .. The words in our communication are extremely important. It's hard to imagine, but more than 90 percent of marriages and couples disintegrate due to inability to speak.

wishes for a night girl

Why is she so important words?

A non-common compliment, a congratul

ation on the occasion and without( "with spring", "with sunny weather", "with the first strawberry this season"), wishes for the night - it is important for a girl to have verbal contact with a guy. If she does not hear kind words( no matter how hard they try to convince her that "actions are important, not words"), she will still feel deprived, unwanted. .. Beautiful wishes to the girl for the night, poems( it does not matter whether she ownsauthorship or strangers, but heartfelt) are methods of conquest, operating in almost a hundred percent of cases. What happens at such moments on a psychological level? By sending out beautiful words for a girl at night, you create an "anchor", that is, something you want to return to again and again, something that does not let go of the relationship. You do not let her forget about herself. But the wishes for a girl at night, of course, should not be vulgar and not boorish. It is important to observe the measure, otherwise it can be easily repulsed.

beautiful wishes for a girl at night

Where do you get ideas from?

What should I do if I want to think of a girl for the night? Read more. .. Take a volume of Yesenin, Blok, Vysotsky, because what beautiful lines they managed to devote to their beloved, their muses! You can start with quotes, you can play and "guess" - let her guess who you are quoting. After all, you will gain the reputation of not only a gallant chevalier, but also an intellectual, and in the eyes of the beautiful half this is an unsurpassed quality that will not be overshadowed by any pumped muscles and no muscular legs. Remember the great Ranevskaya, who said that "Women are smarter than men. Have you ever seen a woman who would fall in love with a man only for beautiful legs? ".

beautiful words for a night girl

The key to success is the sincerity of

Gentle wishes for a girl at night, witty greeting at the moment of awakening, attention to her, manifested with tact and delicacy, will be your helpers in winning her heart. Just remember that this thread of communication should be maintained in the future. And, of course, any relationship should be based only on genuine interest, on sincerity. The slightest falsehood will repel and disappoint, cause pain. And not only to the one who is deceived, but also to the deceiver himself. If in your words you feel "mechanicality", rashness, repeatability, she deeply injures the girl. Every person needs to feel unique. In your power to give this feeling beloved. And remember: love does not happen much, it is necessary to all and always. Become those of whom your chosen one will think, falling asleep, and who will first come to her mind when she wakes up. Become the one whose words her heart will beat more often.

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