Characteristics of the Lion-woman. Sign of the Zodiac Leo: description

Passion and tenderness, pride and fragility, greatness and modesty - all these qualities are inherent in the female Lion. Representatives of this sign are always happy, cheerful, attractive and satisfied with themselves. Nobody and nothing can persuade these women to abandon their decision. However, about all the details in our article.

characteristic of the lion of a woman

Character and temperament

Leo-female characteristic is quite diverse. And although not all representatives of this sign have a resemblance to the king of animals, but in all his ambitions are present.

Lion-women are fiery-passionate, refusing to participate in secondary roles. They consider themselves to be the center of the universe, even if others are convinced of the opposite. These ladies are burning desire to lead, rule, inspire, protect, give joy and entertain.

Quite often Lion-women can be generous and generous to the point of recklessness. Do not feel danger. Frank, loyal, open, they simply can not exist in moral denial. Women-Lions require expla

nations even with the smallest share of doubt. The secret of their power is truth and faith.

What else can a horoscope tell us? A lion-woman does not like darkness. She lives in harmony with light, fire, struggle, wars, cataclysms, which most often she creates herself.

Lion-women do not respect pride, especially if it is absolutely not justified. They are very fond of attracting attention and experiencing if they are not noticed. To attract men's attention, they prefer not to show their intellect and inner beauty, but clothes, silks, ornaments and bright make-up.

The Lion Woman( Tiger, Dog, Dragon) does not follow fashion, she herself introduces it. If there is a possibility, the representative of this sign will spend fabulous sums on clothes and ornaments, and if there are no funds for such purchases, she will prefer to replace the expensive wardrobe with cheaper ones, acquiring all kinds of forgeries and jewelry.

horoscope lion woman

Characteristics of the Lion-woman is like a torch, because this person is quite quick-tempered, temperamental and impulsive. She has huge internal powers, but often she has vanity.

The Leo Woman is sometimes naive, infantile and often falls under the influence of another person. Such women have almost no psychological sense, which is why they may be trapped, which sometimes leads to irreversible consequences.

Zodiac sign Leo( woman) is distinguished by her love of life. She never gives up, even living a black streak. Lion-women most of all hate betrayal in people.

Friendship, relationship

The Lion woman is rather fickle. She is generous, loves wealth and luxury. That is why for a long time is in search of the same man who will provide it to her. In relations she is very sincere, generous and impulsive. Can not stand adultery.

Despite the fact that she is very fond of having fans around her, she does not dare for casual communication.

woman lion compatibility

The Lion Woman( compatibility with other signs is almost ideal), does not appreciate female friendship. She is more inclined to be in the circle of men. The best friend thinks her husband.


Characteristics of the Lion-woman in professional terms completely corresponds to her royal performance. From the very beginning, she realizes the importance of choosing a profession, thinking that society places great hopes on her. Bet - the whole career. Women-Lions are not ready to work for someone, preferring to rule and lead. They never go into details, so they "make their way" to their goal, paying no attention to anything.

As leaders, Leo( Dragon-woman) does not accept bad assistance, interruptions in work and ineptness of his subordinates. Therefore, representatives of this sign should do something for themselves( entrepreneurship, art, intellectual work), or achieve a high position in administrative activities.

Lion-women are also good in politics, show business, culture, jewelry. They make excellent actresses, directors, administrators, presidents, directors, decorators, directors.

zodiac sign lion woman

What else can this sign of the Zodiac tell us? Lion-woman likes to earn a lot, but she likes to spend even more. Often she lives beyond her means.


The Lion Woman, as a rule, is looking for a man who could raise her on a pedestal. She is sure that she deserves it.

Most often, this woman marries too late, long in the search for a stately and wealthy man who would allow her to look good and spend money left and right.

But soon this marriage comes to naught - when she finally meets someone whom she really loves. This tells us a horoscope.

A lion-woman considers love a holiday. She is coveted, anxious, persistent, sensual, often capable of cruel acts for the sake of love.

If the Lion woman falls in love without reciprocity, she can long to reproach herself for her choice.

At work strict and domineering, at home - affectionate and loving. This rule is observed by all the Lion-women.

If she makes a choice in favor of love, then family conflicts, quarrels and problems will be solved with her help. She's such a woman-a Lion!

woman lion compatibility in love

Compatibility in love is good with Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, Libra.

Completely incompatible with Taurus and Scorpions.


This sign of the Zodiac( Lion-Woman) is incredibly life-sustaining. Such people have excellent health. But excessive reassessment of their forces sometimes leads to irreversible consequences.

The most vulnerable place is the heart. Stresses, emotional shocks, depression, various obstacles affect the condition of this vital organ. Hence, anemia, arthritis, gout, nervous breakdowns, phlebitis, spasms, etc.

Diseases last not for long, but the symptoms are, as a rule, the most severe.

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The main thing for this sign is not to waste energy, but also to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.


She is not a lion's temperament in this respect, although she is quite attractive and can turn a head to any man. Her feelings always remain calm and reasonable. These qualities she manifests in all situations.

Even during intimacy, the partner feels her impassive look. This is partly due to the physical coldness of the female Lion and a weak interest in sex. It is quite practical and evaluates every sexual partner as a future husband. She was born to be an excellent mother and an excellent wife. It is in this and it manifests its lion's nature.

Her sexual indifference does not give rest to her husband, which is why a lot of problems arise in the pair, including treason. Characteristics of the Lion-woman in this case is unambiguous. As a rule, she does not forgive a betrayal, even if her spouse still loves her.

The Woman-Lion. Compatibility with other

signs The union is absolutely unfavorable with the Lions, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio.

Love and friendship can be with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius.

With Aries quite a lot in common, especially with regard to character and temperament. Between them, as a rule, quickly there is a love, but it is also rapidly dying out.

A solid union and marriage is possible with Taurus. Despite the fact that the Lion-Woman is most often irritated by his stubbornness, she is still trying to smooth out the conflicts and reduce the problem to nothing. Due to the tolerance and wisdom of the female Lion, such feelings can arise between her and the Taurus man, which will not fade to the end of life.

With Virgo, the relationship is almost not formed, both in love and in friendship. The fact is that Virgo are rather fastidious and soft men. This does not accept a woman-lion.

lion dragon woman

With Sagittarius, Lviv women have much in common, but the similarity of their characters often leads to a break in relations. In this tandem, you should learn to give in to each other.

With Capricorn in Lvov, women are unlikely to succeed. Perhaps only friendship and professional relations.


Apparently, female Lions are quite versatile individuals. In the profession they are powerful and occupy the highest positions, but in love they become tender and soft. How to understand them, of course, must understand a man who met this beautiful woman.

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