The history of Russia is brief. Kulikovo battle and its implications for the Russian people

One of the most significant events in the history of Russia was the battle on Kulikovo Field. Many of our citizens know or have heard of this legendary victory of the Russian troops over the Mongol-Tatar yoke. In short, the Battle of Kulikovo was the first step towards uniting individual principalities into one powerful state. Having united, our ancestors were able to give a worthy rebuff to the invaders. briefly the Kulikov battle

Russian lands in the XIII-XIV century

After the campaign of Khan Batu to the West, Russian principalities for a long time fell under the influence of the Golden Horde. In order not to provoke the wrath of the Mongols, the princes were to serve faithfully and truthfully to these patrons and pay a huge tribute. In the case of the
disobedience, the Khan's troops cruelly dealt with the rebels.

Kulikovo battle

But in the XIV century the radical change in the structure of the state began to take place in the Golden Horde, which as a result led to its weakening and disintegration. In the ruling
top of the country there were disagreements, as a result of which the power began to disintegrate into separate territorial formations. In addition, in the second half of the 14th century, the Mongolian state itself was raided by nomadic tribes from Central Asia under the leadership of Tamerlane.

This situation was used by the ruler of the Moscow principality Dmitry Donskoy, who for the first time in the last century and a half refused to pay tribute to the Mongols. To subdue the rebels, the Horde army was sent to Russia under the command of Begich's temp. As a result of the battle near the river Vozhe in 1378, the Mongols were defeated. Two years after this, the Kulikovo battle took place. Briefly about the preparation of both sides for the battle will be described further.

Preparing for the battle between the Russian princes and the Mongolian khan

This defeat greatly angered Khan Mamai, and he begins to collect the warriors, which included soldiers from all the controlled territories of the Golden Horde. But in fact it was not so easy to do, because after the failure on the river Vozhe, the army of the Khan was in a very difficult situation. In addition, the country itself was fighting for power, in which Mamayu was opposed by Tokhtamysh. Yet he managed to collect a large number of troops, and he marched on a campaign, the result of which was the Kulikovo battle, briefly about
which we will tell further.

Kulikovo battle

At that time, Dmitry Donskoy began preparations for a future clash with the Mongolian army. For this, he asks for military assistance in other principalities. At his request princes responded from virtually all regions of Russia and sent their troops to him. The princes of Ryazan, Tver and Novgorod refused to help Moscow because of enmity with Dmitri. The general meeting was held in Kolomna, where the regiment was formed and the latest instructions for further action were given.

In short, the Battle of Kulikovo was the event that rallied the Russian people together to fight a common enemy. From Kolomna, the army advanced on a campaign in the direction of the Don, where detachments from Polotsk and Bryansk joined them on their way.

Kulikovskaya battle: a summary of the battle

Mamai expected that the Russians would take a defensive position and would wait for the enemy, as it was before. But Dmitry decided to act cautiously and quickly. Crossing the Oka river, the prince's troops settled on the southern shore, not allowing the khan to join the armed formations of Jagiello and Oleg. Russian and Mongolian armies met on the field, not far from the place where the Nepryadva River flows into the Don.

In a deadly battle, two warring armies converged on September 8, 1380.In short, the Battle of Kulikovo took place with varying success, where the advantage was something for some, then for others. After a long battle, the Mongols nevertheless began to push the Russians a little. But they were helped by a regiment under the command of Prince Vladimir, who was in ambush near the river in advance. They struck the enemy's rear and as a result defeated the khan's army, and the survivors were forced to flee. This concludes one of the most famous battles in the history of Russia. the meaning of the Kulikov battle

Meaning of the Kulikovo battle. Briefly about the events that followed after it

The victory of the Russians led to an even weaker Golden Horde, which began to split even more quickly into separate state formations. Mamai himself was compelled to retreat to the Crimea, and the Khan Tokhtamysh reigned in the remnants of the Mongolian state.

In short, the Battle of Kulikovo was of great importance for the Russian people. In the face of danger, individual principalities were able to reunite and defeat the enemy by joint efforts. For the first time, for the last 150 years, they did not have to pay tribute to the khans and submit to their will. These events have shown that the strength of the state is in the unity of its people, and therefore attempts are beginning to be made to unite all the principalities into a single state. Despite the fact that two years later the Russian lands were under the rule of the Horde, in time the princedoms were able to unite, and as a result one of the most powerful powers emerged.

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