Culture of interpersonal relationships: affectionate words for a guy

A kind word, as they say, nice to the cat( not just to the person).And even more so, it is important for people between whom a warm relationship is established.

Everything should be in the place of

. Men are often compared to children: they also love affection, praise, care. Although they are called by their strong sex, however, even the most courageous and harsh representatives of this part of the population of the Earth are not averse to being pampered, pampered, tied up, as with the small ones. Preparing affectionate words for a guy, girls should learn a few rules and tips.

tender words for a guy

  • Be able to dose your displays of tenderness. If every minute rush to the beloved on the neck, lisp to him like a baby, in the end it will get bored. Excessive care tiring, a man begins to "choke" in a violent manifestation of feelings. In addition, even from the sweetest dish there is a snarl. Therefore, affectionate words for a guy should be told to the place, on time and within reasonable limits. Reme
    mber: "small spool, but expensive."Let you say something pleasant not so often - the more valuable and memorable it will be!
  • gentle and affectionate words to the guy All the tenderness that you said should be absolutely sincere, from the heart. A smart man will immediately understand where falsehood, hypocrisy, and where real feelings. Choose affectionate words for the guy according to the situation, this or that moment and say them so that he begins to sing his heart, so that he blossoms with joy.
  • When you're going to say something nice, do not go with a broken path, think up something of your own."Bunnies", "seals" and other livestock as an emotionally-valued vocabulary long ago turned into beaten, worn out stamps. Remember: your gentle words for a guy should be exactly yours, unique. That they were associated only with him, evoked memories of bright, pleasant minutes spent together.
  • affectionate words of a beloved guy Pay attention to the tone and intonation."Vorkuyuschy" voice, pectoral, slightly hoarse notes, easy flirtation will give out your obvious interest to the young man. Undoubtedly, it will be pleasant for him and will cause an appropriate response. And if affectionate words for a guy are told in a hurry, between the case, mechanically - a man they will not hurt or become annoyed, offend. Those.the result will be the opposite of what is expected.
  • Everything, including tenderness, needs a suitable environment. If a guy is engaged in a serious matter, he performs a responsible job, which requires concentration and attention - do not distract him with "musi-pusi".Also in a noisy company, especially if there are many unfamiliar or unfamiliar people, it's obviously inappropriate to climb with kisses or try to whisper something "hot" in your ear. Gentle and affectionate words to the guy, passionate confessions are best done alone, when nothing distracts you from each other, and you can focus on your feelings. This does not mean that in all the rest of the conversation you should portray the pioneers. An easy, kind banter, a soft, friendly tone is always welcome. Equally, like the expressions "cute", "my dear", ie.common, familiar to anyone and not causing ambiguous smirks of outsiders.
  • At every opportunity, affirm affectionate words to the beloved guy with some action: by shaking or stroking hands, hugging, kissing, even if fleeting. Then your speeches will not hang in the air, they will not disperse with the case. And just try to make your young man enjoyable - preparing your favorite dish, going with him to a concert of his band or by buying him a ticket to football. Share his interests and share his.

In conclusion

And simply - treat a loved one the way you want him to treat you.

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