How to ask a guy for forgiveness: a few tips

As you know, the female half of humanity is more emotional than masculine. Therefore, in the heat of quarrel, girls often pronounce very harsh and offensive words about their loved ones, humiliating and insulting them. The expected reaction to this behavior will be the offense of a young man. What to do in this case and how to apologize to the guy?

how to apologize to a guy

How to ask forgiveness of a guy: advice of psychologists

All psychologists agree that one should not waste time, and right after the passions are settled, it is necessary in every possible way to try to restore peace in your relations. In fact, it's very simple to make the first step: it is necessary to approach the beloved and ask for forgiveness, adding the phrase "I love you" to these words. In no case do you tell a young man that he was wrong in something, and that there is a fault in the quarrel or problem. After making the first step towards reconciliation, you have already forgiven your partner. Therefore, do not aggravate the sit

uation with additional reproaches. Also, when uttering the words of apology, it is necessary to speak in a calm voice, looking directly into the eyes of the interlocutor.

to ask the guy for forgiveness

How to ask forgiveness of a guy beautifully and originally?

Romantic same natures, as a rule, it seems insufficient to utter banal words of apology, they want to ask the guy to forgive him immediately so that he immediately "melts" and forgot about all your sins. There are many such ways, it all depends on your capabilities and imagination.

Poem or prose

How to ask the forgiveness of a guy originally? One of the most interesting versions of the apology will be a self-written poem for a loved one, unless, of course, you have such a talent. After all, many men in the shower are romantics, although very often they try not to show it. Therefore, your young man will love the poetic confessions of love. He will also appreciate your work. If you are deprived of the gift of the poet, you can express your thoughts in the form of prose.


Candlelit Dinner

If you want to ask a nice forgiveness from a guy, then consider a romantic dinner. Prepare for your young man his favorite dishes, beautifully decorate the table and furnishings, and make a hairstyle and put on a new dress. We assure you that not a lot of man can resist such apologies.

Interesting solutions

If you want your guy in the literal sense of the word to appreciate all the scale of your apologies, then order a banner and place it where your beloved will see it. What to write on the banner, of course, it's up to you. If your guy is practical, you can apologize from this side. Buy for him something that he has long wanted to buy. Of course, your gift should be accompanied by your sincere apologies and declarations of love.

Long live the humor!

You can also approach the process of apology and from a humorous point of view. Put on a gay dress, bind a big bow, take in the hands of a huge bunch of balloons and boldly go to your beloved to ask for forgiveness. It is unlikely that your loved one will resist such apologies from your side.

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