Congratulations on the wedding in your own words with all the heart

You will soon have a pleasant event - the wedding of your close friends or relatives. You do not like congratulations in a poetic form, they seem too pompous and pompous to you. For relatives and friends of your people, you want to say congratulations on the wedding in your own words, sincerely, wholeheartedly. You want your words to evoke pleasant positive emotions: gratitude, tenderness, ecstasy, and for a long time remember the newlyweds and guests. congratulations on the wedding in your own words

Congratulations on the wedding in your own words for the newlyweds.

  • Dear newlyweds! You have a memorable day today - you have become one family. Accept my congratulations on the wedding in your own words. I want to wish you a lot of family happiness.
  • Let your family always have peace and quiet, advice and love. Love each other, appreciate and respect. Let your family hearth bring you only light and warmth, warming up your family and pleasing all your relatives and friends. I raise this glass for the warmth of the family hearth, fo
    r family happiness.
  • Dear our newlyweds! Today you have created a new family. A strong and strong family is a reliable ship in the stormy waters of the stormy ocean, where the husband is the captain of the ship, and the wife is his navigator. I want to wish that your family ship is not drowned in the ocean of everyday problems, so that he can get out of the most difficult and dangerous sea storm and approach the quiet peaceful harbor, where sunshine and cloudless happiness awaits you.
  • I wish you good weather in your distant voyage! Let on your way there are no underwater reefs and rocks! And let you always accompany the wind and good luck! Happy you sailing on your family ship!

wishes for the wedding day

Wishes for a wedding day for the bride

  • I will not tell you loud phrases. I will say congratulations on the wedding in my own words. I would like to wish our dear bride a huge female happiness. To your husband all his life looked at you with loving eyes. That your children always loved you, adored and worshiped, never grieved, but only rejoiced. To be appreciated at work, respected and rewarded with a high salary. And that until the very last days you have preserved health and beauty. We will raise our glasses for great female happiness!
  • When God created a woman, he used the warmth of the sun, the thoughtfulness of the moon, the trepidation of the fallow deer, the meekness of the dove, the faithfulness of the swan, the beauty of the sunset, the freshness and coolness of the spring water. I want to wish our newlyweds that it will preserve the charm of this magnificent mixture as long as possible and rejoice her beloved husband and her whole family.

congratulations on your wedding in your own words

Congratulations on the wedding in your own words for the groom

  • I want to appeal to our dear groom. You have today become the happiest owner of the best expensive gift in your entire life. You got a legitimate spouse - your favorite girl. So love her tenderly and passionately, protect her from troubles and misfortunes, keep from grief and sorrow! Let your beloved always feel your strong shoulder, your tender care and support!
  • Dear newlyweds! Please accept my most sincere congratulations on the wedding. People say for a reason that the greatest wealth for a person is his health. And the second wealth for a man is his wife. A good, kind, loyal and intelligent wife is half of all his happiness. No friend is better and more reliable than a faithful wife. A kind wife and grief will share, and joy will double. A wise wife has a priceless husband. I want to wish the bride to his beloved justified these qualities and was for him a good, faithful, kind and wise wife. And the fact that she is beautiful, we already see.

The most important thing is that all your words really went from the heart.