Dream interpretation: the former guy. Interpretation of a dream

Some women who have dreamed of some impression of their picture, are looking for an answer in a book like a dream book. A former guy can dream for different reasons. If you broke up quite recently, in such a vision there is nothing surprising. The severance of relationships, especially long-term relationships, is always a serious psychological trauma. Even if you are outwardly calm, somewhere in the depths of your soul there can be grievances, disappointments. Therefore, in a dream your subconscious mind gives your fear and pain a visual embodiment. But there are cases when the former dreams a lot of months or even years after parting. What does it mean?

Dream interpretation: the former guy dreams if you already have a young man

dream book former boyfriend If after the parting you already managed to find a new lover, such a dream does not bode well. Most likely, you are waiting for disagreements and misunderstanding with your new elect. Usually such a dream says that you subconsciously compare your current guy wi

th the former. And the comparison is not in favor of the present chevalier. You find in him all the same shortcomings that led to a break with the past, but do not see a part of the merits that he possessed. If you do not want conflicts with your soul mate, try to carefully monitor your words and actions. And refrain from excessive criticism, even mental. Try to find good character traits in it. If you do not find anything outstanding, think about it - and why are you together then?

Dream interpretation: the former guy and economic problems

dream book former young man Often such a dream can come to a woman who is busy solving various issues related to the economy. For example, the acquisition of real estate, financial problems. Such a dream can also say that in the past there were some unsolved problems, because of which you can not move forward. Maybe you have obsessive thoughts and beliefs? Perhaps you can not forgive yourself or other people who once hurt you? Leave the burden of the past and start a new life!

Dream: a former guy loves you again

A former guy again confesses to you in love? In the near future your life will change dramatically, and this will be a complete surprise for you. It is possible that many changes will be quite unpleasant for you. Sex with a former guy is a sign that some events will knock you out of the rut for a long time. You expect various troubles that will be associated with the fact that your energy envelope will be weakened. As you can see, the interpretation can be different. Remember all the circumstances that you saw, and look at the dream book. A former young man is not always a bad sign.

Dream interpretation: a former guy and a change in the life of

dream book dream of a former boyfriend A dream in which you see your past life partner can foreshadow a different change. But much depends on the circumstances. For example, if you kissed your former chevalier, an event is waiting for you, which will surprise you. In the event that in a dream you again part with him - a new acquaintance with the guy will be unsuccessful. If you strongly quarreled - on your "personal front" pleasant changes are expected.