If a guy dreams, what to expect from him in reality?

. If only he had a dream!

How hard it is for a girl to fall asleep when all thoughts are confused in her head. Someone thinks about the beloved, someone is sad that love has not come yet, someone suffers from undivided feelings. .. But physiology is not easy to fight, therefore, sooner or later, the eyes close themselves, and the very moment comes wheneven if in a dream you can see yourself as the happiest and most beloved, especially if the dream guy of your dreams dreams. Is there a meaning for such dreams? Of course, and a lot! And now we will try to decipher the most common dreams.

Let's proceed to the decoding of

if the guy dreams So, what is the dream of a guy, acquaintance or friend who you like so much? Most likely, the fault is your own thoughts about him. Sleep just reflects what you would like to experience in reality. So, for example, if a guy does not notice you, the dream can "show" your dreams to you that he will fall in love with you or already fall in love. If you meet with a guy, but fo

r some reason he is now far away, your thoughts on how to quickly be together again, will be reflected in your dream, where you, for example, holding hands, walk joyfully through the green meadow.

Likes - does not like

If a guy who gives you scarlet roses dreams, it's time to expect what does it mean when a guy dreams a romantic date in real life. If your lover holds you in his sleep by the hand and wants to take him somewhere, in reality you can expect him to become either his girlfriend or his wife( depending on how you relate to this person).In this case, it is important to be patient and not to rush things. If a guy who looks at you with admiration and a sweet smile dreams, it means that in reality he is very serious about you, but for some reason he does not even dare to speak to you. Be patient, but unobtrusively do so that in your society he feels at ease, as if you have known each hundred years. If in a dream you quarreled with your loved one, in reality pay attention to your behavior. Perhaps a dream is a signal that you yourself, without realizing it, often offend your lover, who began to think more and more often about breaking up with you. If you do not want this, try to moderate your ardor and not rush offensive words.

Do you need him?

what does a friend dream about What does it mean when a guy dreams, but does he have another? Most likely, this is what it means. Look closely at your chosen one. If the young man who loves you in a dream offers you a walk with him on the fresh air, this indicates that in fact he is tormented by doubts whether you love him. He wants to finally find out what you want from him and whether your feelings for him are sincere. If you dream of a guy you love, and who suddenly calls you by name, you can rejoice: yours has taken. He thinks about you, very often. It literally attracts you. If in a dream you are standing and waiting for a young man who is not indifferent to, but who is not, then this indicates that the kid has not decided yet whether he needs a serious relationship. There are so many beautiful girls around, and he can not choose one yet. If you dream of a guy who does not look you in the face when talking to you or looks away all the time - be vigilant. In reality, this person does not deserve a drop of trust and is on his mind. If you do not want to be deceived, try to quickly throw this person out of your head and out of your life.