Prayer to the Life-Giving Cross - examples of prayer texts to the Cross of Christ

The practice of veneration of saints is widely known in Orthodoxy, as well as the cult of angels and other heavenly powers. However, there is a more exotic and rather strange practice of honoring the Cross. We will talk about this in this article.

The worship of the Cross in Orthodoxy

The cross in this case is written with a capital letter, since the believing people endow it with personal qualities and refer to the Cross as an independent person. Theological "piety" is not justified by anything, it simply is. However, timid attempts to reduce the whole problem to the level of allegory and theological metaphor are not convincing because of the inviolable patristic rule: the law of prayer is the law of faith. That is, the prayer to the Life-Giving Cross, practiced in Orthodoxy, implies a belief in the personified being of a certain consecrated Cross. However, the purpose of this article is not to delve into the theological questions of crucifixion, but to illustrate this practice by the exampl

e of several of the most popular prayers.

prayer to the life-giving cross

The main prayer for the honest life-giving Cross

In our article, the prayer will be given in a modern Russian translation, since a person who is not familiar with the Church Slavonic vocabulary may find the original text indigestible.

"Let God rise up and his enemies will be scattered, And let those who hate him flee from his face!" As the smoke disappears, so they disappear, like wax melts in the face of the flame, so will the demons in the face of loving God overshadowing themselveswith the sign of the cross and in the joy of exclaimers: "Rejoice, venerated by all the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord!" Cast out the demons by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, crucified on you, who descended to hell and corrected the power of the devil and presented you with his revered Cross to drive out any enemy,most respectable and alivedoeth Cross of the Lord! to help me with the Holy Virgin Mother of God and mistress, together with all the saints forever. Amen. "

This prayer to the Life-giving Cross is part of the so-called evening prayer rule and is read every evening by all believers. Her first verses are taken from the 67 Psalms interpreted in the light of the dogma of the resurrection of the dead Jesus Christ. There is another common prayer to the Life-giving Cross of the Lord, not so, however, known and, moreover, more extensive. You can read it below.

prayer to an honest life-giving cross

Alternative Prayer to the Cross

"Before the miraculous miraculous power, the four-pointed and three-part Cross of Christ, at your foot in the dust prostrate, I worship you, the venerable tree, driving away from me all the attacks of demons and freeing from all ills, sorrows and troubles. You are the cleansing of the space, the sanctification of the holy temple, the protection of my house, the protection of my bed, the enlightenment of my mind, heart and feelings. "Your holy sign protects me from the day I was born, enlightened from the day when IIt stays with me and in me all the days of my life - on dry land and on the water, and it will accompany me to the grave, overshadowing my remains. This is the sacred sign of the miraculous Cross of the Lord, will proclaim the whole universe about the hour of universal resurrection fromthe dead and the terrible judgment of God. Oh, the cross is venerable, teach your strength, teach and bless me, unworthy, sincerely believing, without doubt, into your unconquerable strength! Protect me from every enemy and heal all my mental and physical illnesses. Amen. "

This prayer to the Life-Giving Cross is not used in worship, but is distributed in prayer books and other collections of prayer texts intended for home use

prayer to the life-giving cross of the Lord

Brief appeals

There are several short texts designed to help express respect to this subject.a little prayer to the Life-giving Cross, which is sometimes replaced by a lengthy text intended for the evening's utterance and which we quoted above. It sounds like this:

"Protect me, Lord, the power of the venerable Life-giving Your Cross and save me from all evil. "

There are other prayers to the Cross, at times very long - canons, akathists that can be easily found in church shops.

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