How to transfer money to the Savings Bank card from another bank's card?

Probably everyone knows the problem when money is urgently needed. For example, you found someone to borrow from, or vice versa, someone who wants to repay the debt. But the money is on the card, and you and the landlord are in different cities. How then to enter? An excellent solution to the problem can be a good service - transferring money to a savings bank card from a map of other banks that are so popular today.

how to transfer money to a savings bank card How to transfer money to a Sberbank card if you have a different bank card?

Plastic card today for anybody not news - it is almost everyone. Therefore, the transfer of money from one card to another, even between banks - is very convenient and popular among those who use these plastic wallets. In particular, it is very convenient when people who want to conduct an operation are far from each other and can not transfer funds personally. And for what? Paying for purchases and services with a card is much more convenient and faster than counting cash and waiting for change. I

t is also an obstacle that when transferring to Sberbank, a card may require a small commission.

What is required for translation?

It is necessary to know some details and conditions:

- the number of the card of the Savings Bank, to which it is planned to transfer funds;

- access to the Internet;

Sberbank card number - account number, which is available for each card;

- requisites of the branch where the card was opened.

How to transfer money to Sberbank

To make a transfer, you need to do the following. Transfer funds using Internet Banking is one of the most modern and very convenient methods, allowing you to quickly pay for services and goods."How to transfer money to the Savings Bank card?"- you ask. Very simple. To do this, you need to enter your personal account( you should first activate the Internet banking service).After logging in, you need to select the "Payments" tab, then "Interbank payment" and specify all the requisites that the system asks for.

Is there a commission and how to transfer money to the Savings Bank card?

Savings Bank Card It is worth remembering that a transfer fee is levied for the benefit of another bank. That the sum has not become for you surprising, before it is necessary to specify the size of the commission in branch of bank. Usually the commission is 1-2% of the total amount, and is immediately written off from the account. But different banks can also set a limit on the amount of the transfer amount, not only for one-off, but for a monthly one.

How to transfer money to a Sberbank card through an ATM?

To begin with, you need to insert a card into the self-service device and enter a four-digit code. In the menu you need to find the function "Transfer of funds", after selecting which and entering the required data, you will be able to transfer to the card that you want. A commission can also be taken here.

How else is there a way to translate?

You can also make a transfer in cash. You can say that you withdraw money from the card, go to the bank branch and say the card number to which you want to put money. Also, in Sberbank, you can make a transfer directly from the card of another bank, if the ATM will give you such a function. As you now understand, transferring money from a card to a card is not so difficult!

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