Cucumbers in the greenhouse - growing as a business idea

Business on vegetables - growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

In the modern world, fresh vegetables are in great demand not only in the warm season, but also in winter. People are ready to buy vegetables for a lot of money to make themselves a summer salad or some other interesting dish where you can not do without these ingredients. This is what put many businessmen into the vegetable business. Cucumbers in the greenhouse, cultivation of which is slightly different from all other garden crops, is only in the regular control, but nothing more complicated in this process. By choosing the content of this particular vegetable, you will certainly feel a great profit, provide yourself with a constant income, which is so important in the modern world. But do not run after these words to the store for seeds - an instant profit in this case can not be. Be patient, read what is important to know when growing, learn all the nuances.
cucumber in a greenhouse growing

Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse - choose the place

Before you start planting plants, decide on the place for the greenhouse. This is one of the most important moments on which the entire future destiny of your endeavors will depend, and that everything does not end without even beginning, think carefully about each of your actions. If you do not have your own land, be prepared to rent it. Do it wisely, put the greenhouse away from the city, but in the most visible place, do not delve into the fields. Make a contract with the owner of the land for the period of lease to insure, because a tenant without an agreement can pick up a site at any time. We decided on a place and go to the growing conditions.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse - growing

First of all, take care of the soil for planting cucumbers, it should be properly fertilized and maximally fertile. Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse requires less fertilizer and make-up, this is a big plus. Since we are preparing to harvest the year-round, we need to worry in advance about its maintenance for a year ahead. This will give you a great advantage and will bring less trouble in the future. Garter cucumber in the greenhouse is slightly different from the open ground. It is necessary to purchase special threads or wire that will stretch from each bush to the ceiling. The only difficulty that will meet us on the way is the cold season, when the greenhouse requires additional heating and lighting, but even this will not be an obstacle to the prepared person.
cucumber planting in the greenhouse

Temperature mode

As it was mentioned before, it is not an easy task to create the correct temperature regime in the cold season. For its implementation, we will need a stove or modern heaters with an economical consumption of electricity. Cucumbers in the greenhouse, the cultivation of which, as we have already understood, does not require high costs, need the correct temperature regime, for shoots it fluctuates about 23-25 ​​degrees, then falls to 17 degrees. The plant loves light, for this purpose it is possible to supply the greenhouse with as many lamps as possible, then there will be no lack of light for cucumbers.

garter cucumber in the greenhouse Cucumbers in the greenhouse, cultivation and marketing of fruits

It should be remembered that cucumbers, although unpretentious, but very fond of light and watering, because of the lack of these things, they can often ache and cease to make a profit. In the modern world, growing bushes in a vertical manner is popular, in this case the land is saved, and bushes receive more light. On the issue of marketing vegetables should think about right away. Talk to the shops, calculate the approximate number of fruits in kilograms, and then you can easily sell them on the day of collection without any problems. I hope that this article has helped you navigate your own ideas and decide what your true vocation is.