Export is an important part of the economy

The word "export" was borrowed from the English language back in the XIX century. At that time, it got two meanings. The first is the export of goods abroad and their subsequent sale. The second is the very products of labor that are sold on the foreign market.

Modern interpretation of words in various fields of activity

In the economy, exports are the export of goods outside the country for sale in foreign markets or already sold to a foreign buyer. This concept also includes products of labor intended for processing abroad, their transit through a foreign country. Re-export is the export of goods that were purchased from a third seller country. Indirect exports are the sale of labor products with the participation of intermediaries.

In programming, the term in question is the provision by the program module of a certain part of the data( constants, types, classes, variables, procedures, functions) for it to be used by other modules that are part of the same program. In computer terminology

, data export is the saving of a document by a program in a "non-native" file format for it.

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What is the export of goods

This is a special customs regime, characterized by the export of any goods abroad for the purpose of their implementation on the external market. In addition to the export of items of trade, services or capital can also be exported. Today, the export of goods is the export of various material goods out of the country. Also this term refers to the provision to a foreign partner of certain services for a fee. Export of capital is an investment of means in any spheres of activity abroad. This can be, for example, construction, operation of enterprises. The goal pursued by exports is to make a profit.

The term in question is inextricably linked with imports, since the proceeds are the main source of funds intended for the purchase of labor products and services from outside. Export of goods is carried out according to the requirements of the legislation of a particular country. It is possible only with full payment of all customs duties and payments. The sale of goods and services outside the country must take place in compliance with economic and financial policies and in accordance with the laws prescribed in the customs code of the country.

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Export goods

These are the products of labor that are exported from the territory of the country through customs. Moreover, exports can be carried out both by supplying items of foreign trade relations, and by importing personal items when crossing the border by passengers. Legislation also defines the export of goods as separate commercial transactions of different scale, which are not related to the export of items of sale from the country with the crossing of the customs zone.

All products that fall under the export category require special declaration and customs clearance. Depending on the exported product of labor, a tax is established, provided for by the system of state regulation of the country's foreign economic activity. The main instruments of state regulation in this sphere include tariff and tax regulation, currency control, non-tariff funds.

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Export operations - what are they?

Export operation - this activity aimed at exporting goods abroad with the transfer of ownership of the goods to a counterpart of a foreign country. In fact, the seller is not at all interested in the further fate of the sold product of labor. The buyer can send it for recycling or sell it to a third party. An indication of the export operation is the signing of a contract with a foreign counterparty and the fact that the goods are crossed by the customs of the exporting country.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, export is the export of works, services, results of intellectual activity outside the country without mandatory return import. This fact is noted at the time when the goods cross the customs of the Russian Federation or on presentation of the rights to the result of intellectual activity, services or works. Russia's exports are also separate commercial operations, excluding the direct export of labor products, that is, without crossing the customs border. For example, when buying from a Russian seller a foreign counterparty of the goods for the purpose of transferring it to another Russian person for processing and exporting already processed goods abroad.

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Export of Russia

In connection with the introduction of sanctions and the growing global economic crisis, Russia has gradually lost its leading role in the economy. Despite the increase in production growth on a global scale, Russia is experiencing a recession, as a result of which the country lags behind the world development of the economy, especially in comparison with industrial countries. All this also leads to a decrease in Russia's role in world trade. In view of imposed sanctions, there is a significant decrease in the export of food products. A significant share in total sales abroad is taken by oil exports. Nevertheless, the state takes important steps and reforms to support exporters.