How to transfer money to a card( Sberbank).Transfer of money through the card of Sberbank

Every day to keep their money in the bank are becoming more popular and safer in our country. There is a huge number of different financial institutions that offer their clients good conditions. Plastic cards have been widely used in the Russian Federation for about a dozen years. A card is a purse, on which your bank funds can be located. One of the largest banks in Russia is Sberbank, it is trusted by millions of our citizens throughout the country. The clients of the institution know many ways how to transfer money to the card. Sberbank is not in vain considered the leader in the banking services market.

Bank card and its necessity

Most organizations( both public and private) pay their employees through the bank. They open salary cards for employees, it's convenient - the need disappears with money. The same situation with pensions and all social benefits. Why stand in line with the bookkeeping department or wait for the postman if money can simply be credited to the card, and the owner will rem

ove them as soon as he wants. Therefore, plastic cards are considered indispensable in the modern world. how to transfer money to a savings bank card

Every citizen of the country can open several cards for himself in different banks. It can be debit, credit or some kind of accumulative cards. As of this year, banks have issued more than 120 million different cards to their customers, and the figure is only growing. Agree, it is difficult to imagine a modern man who does not have a bank account. In Russia, the largest institution is Sberbank.

Replenishment of the Sberbank card with the help of the cash register

One of the most common methods of replenishing your account or a third party account has always been, there is and will be a cash office of the bank, Sberbank is no exception. Put money on the Savings Bank card is easy enough, you need to visit the nearest office, take your passport and card with you. Further all is simple - the cashier brings money to your account, and they are instantly credited to the card.

To be honest, today cash replenishments are becoming less popular, because every client knows several ways how to transfer money to a card. Sberbank, in turn, tries to advise clients about alternative methods of making money. This is beneficial to all, because at the box office usually grow huge queues, especially in the days of repayment of loans, and this is a minus of this method.

Although Sberbank has a huge network of branches throughout the country, it is not convenient for all clients to reach them. What are the main advantages of the client, if he decides to put money on the Savings Bank card through the cashier? This is an instant crediting of funds and a guarantee of quality. Usually, the cashier is used by pensioners or people who plan to deposit a large sum of money into the account. Do not forget that when you replenish your account at the box office you get a receipt, keep it always. This is a document confirming the deposit of money.

to put money on a savings bank card

Card replenishment with ATM

ATM is the most convenient and fastest way for those who puzzle over finding an answer to the question of how to transfer money to a card. Sberbank has a fairly large number of ATMs in Russia. Not all of them accept money, but most are already equipped with this remarkable feature. With the help of an ATM, you can transfer money to the Savings Bank card to yourself and any other customer of this institution. All operations are carried out easily and quickly, and money comes instantly. Note that you can deposit money in cash, or you can simply transfer money through the Savings Bank card( from your own to someone else's).

Remember that an ATM can only accept a certain amount of bills at a time, usually 50( this information should be written on the machine itself).The main thing is that ATMs accept banknotes of different denominations, this saves customers time. There are no downsides to this method. Unless the ATM breaks, but in any case, the money will be returned to you. transfer money to a savings bank card

Replenishment of the card through another bank

There are cases when in the place where you are, there is no Sberbank office and even an ATM.If you need to replenish your account, you can do this through the branch of any bank in Russia. For the operation, you need to know all your details( MFI, OKPO, account number, etc.).Note: this operation is paid, because a foreign bank will not provide its services for nothing. The cost usually ranges from 0.5% to 1% of the amount of non-cash transfer.

A huge disadvantage of this method is that the money will be credited to the account only within 3 working days. Some financial institutions can speed up the process, but this is also a paid service. If you decide to transfer money to the Savings Bank card, always keep the receipt, at least until you get the cash.

Other ways to replenish the card of the Savings Bank of

There are other ways to send money to the card of the Savings Bank:

  • Terminal: a fairly simple method, you just need to know all the details of the account. You can recharge through any payment terminal, but the service is paid, money is credited throughout the day.
  • Russian Post: The longest and most inconvenient way, but also the cheapest. When you transfer, you need to fill in the order in the mail, and the money will arrive somewhere in 7-10 days.
  • Internet banking: recently a very popular way to transfer money between your accounts and third parties. You just need to know the requisites and have your mobile on hand( to confirm the transfer by SMS).transfer of money through a savings bank card

How to transfer money from your

card Today Sberbank offers two main ways of transferring money to the client's choice:

  • cash;
  • Internet banking or mobile banking.

Often people use the cashier, although the rates for non-cash transfers do not depend on the place of their implementation. Modern users use Internet / mobile banking. Plus, even though you do not need to leave the house, you can simply forget about the queues. You make your own payments, and the bank conducts them throughout the business day. To connect the service it is enough to sign an appropriate agreement with the bank and get your passwords. send money to a savings bank card

As we see, there are many ways how to transfer money to the card. Sberbank always tries to keep pace with the times and delight its customers with different innovations.

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