An analysis of Esenin's poem "Birch" and other poems about winter

Analysis of Yesenin's poem "Birch"

Let's begin the analysis of Esenin's poems with a character of the poet as a man who passionately loves his native land, the nature of his land, every grass, every tree growing near his home."White birch under my window" causes the poet admiration, and he dedicates her whole poem, like a beloved woman. He admires the winter birch. It would seem, what a charm can be in the winter: bare trees, cold, emptiness. And Esenin says that the tree was covered with "snow, like silver."He sees her as not a dead tree, but a beauty with fluffy branches, on which the "white fringes" hang snowy "brushes."What a fascinating picture appears before the eyes of the reader! This poem is extremely lyrical. It is filled with epithets: the poet's fire is "golden," and the silence is sleepy;and metaphors: "snowflakes are burning", "dawn, lazily bypassing," etc. This work sings not only the Russian birch, but also a long cold winter, when the snow "sprinkles branches. .. with silver.

"Thanks to Yesenin, which helps us to see in her the magic and beauty.

Analysis of Yesenin's poem about winter "Singing winter - awning"

Analysis of Yesenin Such simple, Yesenin's poem about winter, that is familiar from childhood, "Sings winter-aukaet". .. As if this grandmother, playing in winter with her grandson, says Russian nursery rhymes:... Lulls ", or Russian fairy tale about sparrows playful or birds of small, gentle, cold in the winter. It seems that the people themselves wrote this poem, so Yesenin is able to convey the charm of the Russian language and Russian folklore. Again, like a song, metaphors and epithets pour out from the lips of the great poet. This "shaggy forest", "gray clouds", "blizzard. .. creeps", "babies are lonely," a frantic roar of a blizzard, smiles of the sun, etc. The picture of nature in this poem though also winter, but very colorful. Again, Yesenin is struck by the reader. The analysis of the poem allows us to notice and admire the simplest things: floating clouds, a blizzard, a blizzard, birds, etc. How beautiful is our land. ..

Analysis of Yesenin's poem about the winter "Porosh"

analysis of the poem of Esenin birch In the poem "Porosh" the great Russian poet Yesenin sings the nature again in winter: the slumbering forest, when the dream tells a fairy tale, and the pine covered with snow. He represents her as an old woman, tied up with a white kerchief. It seems to Esenin that the pine "ponougnalsya, like an old woman, leaned on a stick".And again the author has extraordinary metaphors that strike with their accuracy, lyricism, harmony: "the ringing under the hoof in the snow", the snow "the stole of the shawl", the road running away "with a tape into the distance".A few words, and the reader sees an endless Russia, a cold, snowy, but so beloved by a great poet.

An analysis of Esenin's poem about winter "I'm delirious for the first snow. .."

Yesenin analysis of the poem In the poem "I'm delirious on the first snow. .." Yesenin again returns to the theme of winter and Russian birch. He says that "the swans are sitting on the meadow," and not the snow lies in the fields."Naked breast of birches," like a beloved woman, he wants to "press down to the body."Yesenin is a very original poet-singer of his Motherland. Without his work, Russian literature is inconceivable. Such a delicate, tremulous, filled with immense love for Russia poetry can not be considered great.

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