Fandera Oksana: Filmography, biography and photos

A wonderful Russian actress, loved by millions of spectators, the charming woman Fander Oksana, whose filmography includes 26 paintings, will become the heroine of our article. fandera oxana filmography

Childhood years

Oksana was born in an "international" family, where the Jewish and gypsy blood of her parents mingled. This confusion affected the explosive nature of the girl. In her childhood, she was a real rebel, constantly fell into difficult situations. That she was seen in the theft of the nourishment from her grandmother, then she mastered dangerous construction projects, or planted a real paddling in her apartment.

And one day the girl decided to make a surprise to her mother. She cut out of all the bills in the house worth a hundred rubles, portraits of Lenin and created a picture of them. The gift, no doubt, was made from the heart, but he was not too happy about his mother, because a considerable amount was used, which accumulated for a long time.

And this is not an isolated case. Fandera Oksana, whose bi

ography in many respects differs from the fate of other actors, more than once created such "surprises".Therefore, as a child, she was nicknamed "girl-catastrophe".

I must say that Oksana's father, who worked at the Odessa Drama Theater, was the first to develop a love of theatrical art for his daughter. At a very early age, he often took her to the theater, and sometimes led him to the backstage.

Fandera Oksana, whose filmography began to form when she was only 12 years old, became famous throughout the country as a child. She became a real little star, because she was chosen for an episodic role in the famous film "The Adventures of Electronics."At first it was even planned that she would perform the main role - the girlfriend of Electronics, but as a result she was given to Oksana Alekseeva. But, nevertheless, the first step in the cinematography was made. fander of oxana biography

Oksana was very fond of her father and her native Odessa, but at fourteen years fate threw her hundreds of kilometers from her beloved city. During this period her parents divorced. Oksana's mom moved to her new husband in Moscow. Naturally, the daughter went with her. For quite a long time, the girl was very worried about all the changes that had taken place in her life. But, as you know, time heals, and soon Oksana began to treat the new city and the new house more calmly.

Studying at GITIS

The father's love of creativity has done its work. Fandera Oksana, whose biography could not have formed otherwise, after her graduation, tried to enter GITIS, but failed the exams.

In 1988, this charming girl "accidentally" took second place in the beauty contest, which was held for the first time in the Soviet Union. She walked along the street and saw a huge queue of girls. She decided to find out what was going on behind the mysterious door. .. And she did not take the first place just because she did not have a residence permit. Then Fandera Oksana, whose photo was printed by many Moscow publications, for a moment felt like a real star.

In 1989, Oksana nevertheless entered GITIS and successfully graduated in 1993.fander of oxana photo

Fandera Oksana: filmography

It should be noted that the list of roles performed by the actress is not too large, nevertheless, not a single film with her participation goes unnoticed. From the early works of Oksana should mention the role in the ribbons "Winter in Paradise", "At the corner, at the Patriarchs", "Lily of the valley silver".

According to experts, Fandera performed her most vivid roles in the films of her husband - the director Philip Jankowski.

In 2002, he made his first film, "In Motion."The main role in it was performed by Konstantin Khabensky, and his loving, but hysterical girlfriend played Fander Oksana. Her filmography was supplemented by another work in 2005, when Jankowski filmed the adaptation of Akunin's novel The State Counselor. In this film male roles were performed by recognized masters - Oleg Tabakov, Oleg Menshikov, Nikita Mikhalkov. Oksana got the role of the terrorist Needle.

As the actress recalls, during the filming of this film on her face there was absolutely no makeup. It was necessary to go on such a sacrifice for the sake of exact correspondence to the image of a dryish teenage girl. We must admit that Oksana is always very picky about the choice of the script and agrees to work only in those pictures that are really interesting to her. The role of the Needle in the State Councilor was no exception - the actress performed it brilliantly.

In 2008, for the third time, she was shot by husband-director Fandera Oksana. The filmography of the actress was replenished with the picture "Stone head".The main role was played by professional boxer Nikolai Valuev. Oksana performed the role of Tanya, which was very similar to the deceased wife of the protagonist. fandera oxana olegovna filmography

Immediately after the filming of this film, the actress leaves for Kiev and is removed in the melodrama "Red Pearls of Love"( 2009).The heroine Oksana - a rich and beautiful married woman - falls in love with the biker Gregory. ..

"Fires of the brothel"( 2011) - Luba's mother

We did not accidentally singled out this film directed by A. Gordon. Actress Fandera Oksana, whose filmography was supplemented by excellent work, gave this role to herself.

Together with the costume designer, the actress bypassed all the cheap Odessa shops and picked up old shoes, which corresponded to the fashion of the 60's. A. Gordon called the role of Luba's mother the best role of an actress in the last ten years. For her, Fandera won the prize of the XXII Kinotavr Film Festival.

Personal life

I must say that it was the career of the actress who helped the girl to arrange her personal life. After filming in the film "In Motion" Fander Oksana, photo of which you can see in our article, married Philip Jankowski.

Acquaintance of young people took place when Oksana turned 20, at a party at their mutual friend. Philip immediately drew attention to the charming girl, and after talking with her - fell in love. A month after the first meeting, he made his offer to his chosen one.

Oksana and Philippe are together now. Moreover, many consider their marriage to be ideal. They have two children - Ivan and Elizabeth. They will continue the acting dynasty. actress fander oksana filmography

Rumors about the divorce of

Recently a rumor has it that the strongest pair of Russian cinema is supposed to part, but Oksana's husband, Philip Jankowski, has denied these rumors and said that this will never happen. Oksana smiled and said that if they were planning a divorce, they would not always be around.

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