Helsinki Airport - Finland's Gateway!

The main aviation artery of Helsinki and the whole of Finland is a relatively small airport, which is very popular due to its comfort and practicality. Helsinki-Vanta is easily accessible by any means of transport, it offers coziness, excellent service and a huge number of inexpensive flights to various destinations of the world.

"From Paris to the Outskirts"

One of the most important airways connecting Northern Europe with Asia, Western and Eastern Europe, is Helsinki Airport. Flights more than 50 airlines offer a lot of destinations. The most popular are: Frankfurt, London, Paris, Milan, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Many of these European destinations fly budget airlines.

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For a small airport, Helsinki-Vanta offers an impressive list of flights to Asia - destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, as well as scheduled flights to Istanbul and Tel Aviv attract passengers from Northern Europe and the Baltic countries. Thanks to transit possibilities and maximum comfo

rt, Helsinki Airport attracts more and more passengers from other regions.

Many residents of Northwest Russia also prefer to fly from Finland, since Helsinki Airport offers a wider choice of destinations and ticket prices.

Helsinki, airport - how to get from St. Petersburg to the destination

The northern capital is a few hours drive from Helsinki, and there are several ways to get from St. Petersburg to the main airport in Finland.

Note: The following are only official passenger transport options;informal cabmen, from "gray" companies to private traders - a great many who want to risk can find a lot of options in local newspapers and on the Internet.

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The cheapest way to get to Helsinki airport from the cultural capital are minibuses and minibuses, which are sent 3 times a day from Vosstaniya Square. The cost of moving one way is 800 rubles( 15 € at the time of writing), the road takes an average of 6-7 hours, but there may be idle time at the customs. The final direction of the minibus is the center of Helsinki, but the airport is a mandatory stop on the way.

Note: It is worth to get acquainted with the permissions and official documents of the drivers, as many unaccredited companies can be found on the Uprising Square. Official firms, among others, are: ScanTour, AMG, ComFort-Travel, Balt-Car. It is best to book a ticket on the operator's website or by phone in advance.

Companies that organize flights of minibuses also offer "from address to address" services and, directly, transfer to Helsinki airport. The price of the service is 1200 r( 20 €), the travel time is 6-7 hours.

how to get to Helsinki Airport

Another option is the official bus flight St. Petersburg-Helsinki-Turku, operated by Sovavto in Russia. The price of a ticket for a shuttle bus is much higher - 35 €( 2000 r), as well as the level of comfort and safety of the trip. Passengers Sovavto pass the border along a dedicated line and without queues. The bus departs once a day every day.

The most convenient option is a fast train "Allegro", less than 4 hours overcoming the distance, which takes at least six buses. On the first and last train of the train you can buy cheaper tickets, about 40 €, and comfortably reach Tikkurila station, from where the local bus number 61 rides to Helsinki Airport. Tikkurila is the central railway station of the town of Vantaa, the one where it is locatedairport, that's why calling a taxi from the station to the airport will not be as expensive as, say, from the center of Helsinki.

How to get to Helsinki Airport from the city center

Helsinki Airport

From the center of Helsinki to the airport, you can take the Finnair bus for 6.5 €, every 30 minutes it departs from the 30th platform of the central railway station.

From the central bus station in Helsinki, which is under the shopping center Kamppi, the regular day bus No. 615 and the night bus № 620N, the price of which is 4 €, go to the airport. He also stops at the central railway station, in the square Elielinaukio.

In 2015, the construction of the metro line, directly connecting the airport of Helsinki with the central railway station and not only will be completed.

Transit view table with direction to Helsinki airport

Mode of transport

Departure location:

St. Petersburg

Departure time


Travel time


Minibuses and minibuses

Pl. Rebellion, Oktyabrskaya hotel

07:00, 21:00, 23:00

800-1000 r

7 h

Bus "Sovavto"

Pl. Victory, Pulkovskaya Hotel


2000 r

7 h

Fast train Allegro

Finlyandsky Train Station

6:40, 10:25, 15:25, 19:25

40 € - 70 €

3,5 h

The nearest station to the airport is Tikkurila, from there to the airport there is a bus number 61



Finnair City Bus

Central railway station, platform 30

Every 20 min.from 5:00 to 01:00

6,30 €

30 min

Bus number 615

Bus station Kamppi /

Central railway station, platform 3 / Pl. Elielinaukio

Every 15 min.from 5:00 to 23:00

4 €

40 - 60 min

Bus number 620N

Bus station Kamppi /

Central railway station, platform 3 / Pl. Elielinaukio

Every 15 min.from 4:00 to 3:40

4 €

35 - 50 min.

Helsinki Airport is considered to be one of the most comfortable airports in Europe. Despite its small size and location 20 km from the city, in the small town of Vantaa, Helsinki Airport impresses with convenience, coziness and practicality, which says that Finns, as always, think about people, in this case - about passengers.

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