"Baby and Carlson."Who voiced favorite cartoon characters?

Everyone knows the cartoon "Kid and Carlson", which even after 47 years continues to be popular not only in children, but also in adults. This cartoon is very kind and teaches the kids friendship and devotion. The main characters became very close and native for several generations of children - Kid, Freken Bock, Carlson. Who voiced the general favorites? The answer to this question you will receive in this article.

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A little boy, nicknamed Kid, dreams of a true friend - a puppy who is constantly asked to buy his parents, but all his attempts are unsuccessful. Parents of his request take for a simple whim and brush away from the child. However, life changes dramatically after a meeting with Carlson. This eccentric with a propeller on his back quickly managed to win over the Babe's disposition and saved him from loneliness.

The history of the animated film

For the first time about the cartoon was learned in 1968.It was his first series called "Kid and Carlson," the second was released by Soy

uzmultfilm after several years and was called "Carlson is back."Another series was planned, but, unfortunately, this did not happen. The film with the third part is still stored in the studio archive.

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The process of creating

The hardest part was to find an actor who could play Carlson. This was said by Vasily Livanov, who was one of the creators of this animated series. The director Boris Stepantsev needed an excellent actor, because he understood perfectly well that the hero is not as simple as it seems.

It should be noted that the most famous actors of the time wanted to play the main character, but this task fell on them beyond their power. This situation made the director shocked, but at one point everything changed. With drawings, V. Livanov wanted to get acquainted, who at that time was working in a neighboring studio and was very intrigued by a strange character.

Actor immediately caught the resemblance of the hero to the famous director Grigory Roshal and decided to parody it on the samples. It was a success! You probably already knew who voiced Carlson in the cartoon? Correctly - Vasily Livanov.

Everyone's favorite good-natured Carlson: who voiced?

Vasily Livanov is the People's Artist of Russia, the only one who was able to accurately convey Carlson's intonation and take away from the nose the role in the cartoon of the theater's master and Aleksey Gribov's cinema. It should be noted that many of his cartoon characters spoke in his voice. He is the one who voiced Carlson, the crocodile Genu, the boa constrictor from the "38 parrots" and Gromozeku from the cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet."

who voiced the carloson crocodile gene

Who is Carlson?

Much has been said about how Carlson appeared, who voiced this hero and much more, but not a word about the character himself. It is unfair, you will agree!

First of all, this is a literary character, the creator of which is the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. The audience knows him as a nice, good-natured little man with a propeller. He lives on the roof and loves jam. He has a best friend - a seven-year-old child, nicknamed Baby.

In the book there is no mention of his name, only Carlson. This is a Swedish surname, which in the ranking by the degree of prevalence is on the third place.

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Babe from the cartoon

Already aware of who Carlson is, who voiced it, and much more, but he's not the only hero. In addition to him there were others, for example the Kid. Next, it will be about him, or rather about who voiced the baby from "Carlson".

This character never had problems. The kid voiced the golden voice of animation, which is Clara Rumyanova. This is an outstanding personality who, because of the illness, has become a star of animation. The actress voiced most of all Soviet cartoons.

The most rigorous character of

You, of course, immediately realized who is talking about - Freken Bock. This heroine is a worker in a house where a small boy lives, he is also a Kid. She has a very domineering character, because of which all members of the family in which she works are afraid of her. This woman was hired as a housekeeper, but due to the nature of her character, the Kid began to "affectionately" call Freken Bock a tamer. This nickname did not affect its merits, which are many. She's an excellent cook. Culinary skills, and especially masterfully prepared by her super-gravy sauce, made her the star of television.

It was voiced by Faina Ranevskaya. The famous actress was categorically against participating in this cartoon. The task of attracting her to scoring seemed to be a failure because of the antipathy of the actress to the character, but, fortunately, she still surrendered.

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Differences between the original and the Soviet film adaptation of

In the original Kid is a universal favorite and at the same time a strongly spoiled child. Soviet children know him as a completely lonely boy, who does not have enough friends and parental attention.

In the Lindgren trilogy, mother does not work anywhere, while in the animated film she goes to work, like any other Soviet woman.

The image of the flying character is also significantly relaxed. We know him as a funny joker, unable to part with his childhood. In the original, he is described as a roguish prankster, who likes cake with cream and meatballs.

Freken Bock is only a short-term character, but in the cartoon she is one of the main characters.

Now you know everything about your favorite Soviet cartoon. You know, who is Baby, Carlson, who voiced cartoon and names. Acted actors, more precisely, their voices will sound for a long time from the TV screens and teach our children with kindness, devotion and many other positive qualities.

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