Pride of Russia - fountains of Peterhof

Fountains of Peterhof - a place where not only every resident of Russia aspires to visit, but every tourist who comes to our country. And what do we remember about these fountains?

How it all started

Some experts who study architecture are sure: if Peter 1's actions were limited only to the creation of Peterhof, the name of this reformer would still have gone down in history. fountains of the Peterhof The opinion is undoubtedly controversial. However, this creation of Peter became the next turning point. Enlightened Europe was shocked by the splendor of the park ensemble, which in just 9 years grew up on desert swamps.

The idea of ​​creating a summer residence came to Peter 1 in 1714.He needed not just a residence. Peter decided the luxury and beauty of Peterhof to eclipse the most famous palaces of France.

The most famous architects were involved in the work. But the plan itself, the smallest details of future compositions, the study of landscapes, fountains of Peterhof Peter himself developed. Preserved many decree

s, sketches, drawings, sketches made by the king's hand.

Already in 1923, the opening of a garden and park ensemble took place. Arrived Europeans were surprised by the wonderful architecture and luxury of the palace buildings. And after seeing the stunning cascades and fountains of Peterhof, many of them experienced a real cultural shock.

This was just the beginning of the

Foreign guests were fascinated by the luxury and identity of the park. However, foreigners who visited the opening of the fountains in Peterhof, did not even suspect that this was only the beginning. when include fountains in the petersburg For two centuries the park continued to grow, with every day it became more luxurious. Everything is more attractive. For its arrangement, the latest technical achievements have always been used. The authors of its alleys, sculptures and fountains were the most famous architects and architects of Russia and Europe.

Today Peterhof is the Grand Palace, which stands at the head of the panorama, the four stunning cascades, the fountains of Peterhof. There are 150 of them, and each of them impresses with its harmony, grandeur, uniqueness. Hundreds of thousands of people try to get here, and not only because of the beauty of the park. The architectural and landscape ensemble is today a symbol of Russian power and the Russian soul: original, generous, beautiful.

The Fountain Opening Festival is a significant event, attracting both tourists and local residents.

A little more history of

The war was a terrible test for Peterhof. Fascist barbarians destroyed and blasted everything that they could not take out of Russia. But the Leningraders managed to keep the fountains of Peterhof. Their reconstruction began immediately after the Victory. Every Leningrad citizen made his feasible work: they cleaned the broken trees, cleaned the park, restored sculptures and fountains.38 fountains began to work already in August 1946.A year later, the Samson Fountain returned to its place and took its place, from which the water of the cascade rushes along the Sea Canal to the Gulf.

The Marine Canal divides the Lower Park into two parts, which locals, by habit, call "Western" and "Eastern".The first places of interest are the Palace of Marly, "Kloshi", "Managere fountains", sparkling in the rays of the northern sun of the cascade "Golden Mountain".opening of fountains in the Peterhof In the east - cascade "Chess mountain", fountains "Roman", "Pirami".Young people are most attracted by fountains-crackers. It is worth stepping on an invisible lever hidden under the usual stone, and from under the ground a powerful jet strikes, from feet to the head pelting the walkers.

Festain opening festival

Peterhof is beautiful at any time of year, even when fountains are hidden from snow and frost under special forests. And when fountains are turned on in Peterhof, this place becomes the most visited among all sights of the Leningrad region.

Usually the script for opening fountains is kept secret until the last moment. The fountains themselves start working in late April, but the holiday is always held in May. This celebration is considered the official beginning of summer in St. Petersburg. peterhof fountains prices

In 2015, the magic event is scheduled for May 16.At this time, to admire the annual, but every time an unexpected spectacle, hundreds of people will come to Peterhof. Fountains( holiday prices are listed below) can be viewed through a webcam.

It's interesting: the webcam in Peterhof works constantly. It is located opposite the Samson fountain. The fountains themselves work from 10am to 6pm. At 11.00 each day includes the Great Cascade.

How to get to Peterhof

This can be done in two ways: by land and water. When fountains are turned on in Peterhof, for tourists work:

  • "Meteor" - the most expensive, but the fastest and most convenient means of transportation.
  • Buses and minibuses. You can get to the intersection of two highways: Krasnoselsky and St. Petersburg. Then change to a minibus, going to Lomonosov or Peterhof.
  • Electric Train. They go hourly, and the journey costs a penny.

The price of admission tickets is 500 rubles. For students, children and some other citizens tickets are cheaper.

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