The beautiful and inviting capital of Spain

The capital of Spain. Madrid

If you are a travel fan, then, most likely, many have already visited. Most tourists, heading to the homeland of the Real Madrid football club, strive to visit first of all Barcelona. Very nice and cozy city. The capital of Spain However, the capital of Spain is not inferior to it at all, and even on the contrary - in many respects it surpasses. Having become the center of cultural, political and economic life in the middle of the 16th century, Madrid still retains the status of the most important city in the country, the largest and most populous, being also the administrative base( here is the government of the country, as well as the main residence of its monarch).There are more than three million people.

Symbol of the city

Since ancient times, the capital of Spain is associated with the local inhabitants with a bear. It is this awkward animal that directs its paws to the red strawberries, has long been a symbol of the city, having been placed on the arms and a lot of

memorable signs and souvenirs. It is believed that the place where now is located in Madrid, a long time in large numbers were bears, and a large number of different plants. Among them - wild strawberries.

Cities in Spain General information

The capital of Spain is above all other European centers raised above the sea - about 650 meters above its level. There is always a lot of sun, which is sure to appeal to "heat-loving" travelers, although there are also spring, winter( often with negative temperatures) and autumn. As a transport center of the country, Madrid connects all major cities in Spain with motorways. Very well developed and internal communication( represented mainly by buses and subway trains).


Madrid is rich in various architectural monuments( royal palaces, temples), museums, beautiful parks and simply beautiful streets. Experts have developed a large number of bus and hiking routes for excursions. In addition, the capital of Spain can be inspected from a bird's eye view from the cockpit of the funicular, whose route is approximately two and a half kilometers and is located forty meters above the sidewalks. Here, the main city attractions interspersed with windmills and greenery of parks will delight and surprise you with their beauty, filling your cameras with pictures.

The capital of Spain is Madrid The three mandatory things of

There are several points that you must certainly fulfill when you visit Madrid. First, try churrosy. The capital of Spain will not be able to let you go just like that if you do not enjoy the unique taste of local sweets. It is baked from a tender dough( we call it custard) in the form of "sausages" or bagels. Secondly, you definitely need to see a real flamenco dance. Sensual Spanish girls dance it in Madrid quite often - at festivals, street performances or in the evening program at a cafe. If desired, you can also learn the enchanting movements. Third, of course, this is the corrida. Today this is not such a cruel sight, as you probably imagine. At present, this is more a representation that can bring you a lot of impressions and positive emotions, rather than a bloody battle of bulls and people.