Russian romantic comedy as a new genre of modernity. The best Russian romantic comedies

The best way to relieve fatigue after a hard day is to spend time with your partner in front of the TV screen. In this case, romantic comedies are recommended for viewing. The list of the best( Russian paintings of this genre are very diverse) will be the topic of this article.

Samples to follow

Soviet cinema knows many comedies that have become classics. They were created as family films designed for a multipurpose audience. We, of course, remember the best works of Leonid Gaidai "Operation Y", "Diamond Arm", "Caucasian Captive".But they all came out in the distant middle of the last century. Since then, the Russian romantic comedy has undergone many changes. Changes are related to the relevance of more modern issues and new technologies that are used in film production in our time.

The mid-90's is the time for the release of romantic comedies. Among the paintings that deserve attention are "Lily of the valley silver", "Shirley-Myrli", "Children of Monday", "Thin thing".

Russian romantic comedy

All we need is love

The strongest feeling is a great engine for every person. There is no pair that does not survive the disagreements, quarrels and long-awaited reconciliation. Each relationship is a separate story. On the example of the hero-friends this film demonstrates to the viewer all the stages of the origin of feelings, beginning with acquaintance and ending with the search for ways to preserve these feelings. Three parts of the franchise "Love in the City" remain the most famous "tool" for novice lovers and are deservedly referred to the cathegory "The best Russian romantic comedies."

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Cinderella is looking for prince

A large family of Solntsevs happily lived in a mansion on the Black Sea coast. And when her mother left in search of a better life, counting on the independence of the children, the adult Masha and her brothers were left alone. To rectify the situation, the relatives decided to look for a suitable groom for a single sister. It is desirable for a rich man to pull the whole family out of a depressing situation. A wealthy Frenchman just "drew on the horizon," like newly-born neighbors with their crazy daddy, militiamen and even a whole biker team. All of them were blinded by the beauty of Masha. The girl will not have to choose a worthy party, but rather, brush away all at once. ..

Watching the problems of the main character, the audience can not survive, the finale promises to be happy: Masha will receive the long-awaited love for all her efforts! In the meantime, the 2009 picture "Give myself in good hands" falls into the best romantic comedies( Russians).

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The list of films under consideration should continue with another story about Cinderella. Provincial Masha wants to conquer Moscow. Yes, so that instantly become a popular singer, have fans, embellish your appearance. In the capital in the hands of the book "12 months", and from this moment in the life of Masha miracles begin to happen. Now every desire of the girl is carried out, but with the difference that it hurts others. How to learn to do magic yourself? This viewers will find out by looking at the "12 months".A nice bonus of the picture will be an impressive cast.

Such different, such favorite

As often happens, the meetings of the main characters occur when they least expect it. The Russian romantic comedy "The First 8 Dates" on the example of Vera and Nikita will show that acquaintance can be not only unexpected, but very strange. When each of them was quite pleased with their relationship, fate brought them together first in a nightclub, and then in the same bed. The novel's unusuality was that this very bed would be the place where the couple would wake up every morning. Is not this a real magic that pushes the heroes into each other's arms?

The picture gathered a warm spectator's reception and a good cash register for Russian measures. Such merit to the delight of all those who liked the film, demanded that its creators continue. The sequel was released in early 2015.This time Vera and Nikita wake up in the company of their ideal partner, whom they invented in the midst of a loud quarrel."8 new appointments," this funny Russian romantic comedy, created a magnificent atmosphere of laughter and fervor thanks to the "love quartet" from Oksana Akineeva, Mikhail Galustyan, Polina Maximova and Vladimir Zelensky.

Friendship and love: components of success, years-tested

In the world cinema the theme of war remains the most actual genre, to which directors periodically return. The historical memory of the defeat of Nazi Germany is often accompanied by strong dramatic moments, without which it is difficult to imagine such a film. But who said that the film about the war should only be tragedy?

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Among the pictures that tell of the happy days of the Victory, there are worthy Russian films. Romantic comedies in this vein are represented by the bright, colorful ribbon of 2011 "Five Brides".In the spring of the 45th, the fighter pilots return home from the front. Combat comrades, it seems, have already forgotten the horror of the past days, as they are more interested in a brighter future. What if all the beauties were disassembled by the other guys? Is it possible for the heroes to remain alone? Lesha Kaverin, the only one who goes home before everyone, gets acquainted with five different girls and, using the certificates of his friends, marries them. .. The main roles in the wonderful comedy about love and friendship were played by Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Danila Kozlovsky, who, incidentally,become partners on the set.

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Two loneliness met. ..

As you know, opposites attract. That's the main characters suddenly encountered in a major metropolis, as described by the Russian romantic comedy "M + F( I love you)."A typical provincial novelist Veronica came to the capital to attend a book fair. Along the city streets, no less than typical Lovelace programmer who, meeting a little extravagant girl, thinks about what true love is. .. paces Nelly Uvarova and Grigory Antipenko played again together after their screen duet in the series "Do not Be Born Beautiful".

Romantic comedies: the list of the best

Russian screenwriters, as practice shows, are able to create high-quality films that simultaneously give a romantic mood and a comic tinge. Among worthy of mentioning, but not included in the review of this article are: "Three and Snowflake"( 2007), "House, sweet house"( 2008), "Elki"( 2011), "Cinderella"( 2012), "7(2013), Unreal Love( 2014), In Sports Only Girls( 2014), Women vs. Men( 2015).