Magic moments: growing crystals at home

Ordinary miracle of

Real magic, not only for kids, but also for adults, can be growing crystals at home. The fascinating and cognitive process of their growth will become a real visual aid in the course of chemistry and can interest all members of your family. growing crystals at home

Chemical process and a bit of fantasy

Usually, crystals are grown at home by cooling or naturally evaporation of a saturated solution. Salt or sugar, to which various dyes are added, are perfect for conducting this experiment. The usual watercolor paints will help the grown crystal to get unusual color shades. If you grow crystals of copper sulfate, which is most often used in classes in chemical mugs, you can get a beautiful stone, very similar to the precious one. crystals at home

Patience, patience and once again patience

Growing a crystal at home is not really that difficult. The hand tools and a little patience will help create a stone of absolutely any size: from a very tiny to a very large size. Different colors and shades, the c

orrectness of the form or the amazing versatility also depend on your desire. To grow crystals at home brought the expected result, you need to be very careful. An awkward movement, dust or dirt entering a vessel with a crystal, changing the humidity in the room or changing the temperature of the solution, can have a detrimental effect on the growing stone.

Required Inventory of

To obtain crystals at home, it is necessary to prepare:

  • vessel or container( a can, a flask or a glass is suitable);

  • thread of the required length;

  • wire or pencil, which will be placed across the neck of the vessel and keep the thread threaded in the solution;

  • water;

  • sugar or salt.

to grow a crystal at home

Growth technology

  1. It is necessary to make a very saturated solution: pour warm boiled water into the prepared vessel and pour the substance for the future crystal - salt or sugar, stirring occasionally until they dissolve completely. This procedure must be repeated until the substance ceases to dissolve and begins to precipitate to the bottom.

  2. Having fixed the largest part of the substance - the salt or sugar crystal - on the prepared thread, we will tie it to the middle of our support, and then place the wire or pencil across the neck of the vessel. Having lowered the end of the thread with the attached "seed" in the solution, we leave it for several days.

  3. Growing crystals at home is a long process. As the water evaporates in the solution, the particles of the substance will be attracted to the seed. When the liquid level approaches the crystal to be grown, the thread must be pulled out and the solution renewed. By dropping the dried crystal into a fresh saturated solution, new particles of the substance can settle on the grown crystal, and it will be noticeably added in size. This procedure can be carried out until the stone is not of the right size. Then it is taken out of solution, the thread is cut, dried and covered with oil or a colorless varnish.

It's not as difficult as it seems.