If you need to leave at your own expense

The right to leave

In life, there is often a need to get free days at work. What if the annual leave is used in full, and suddenly you have a certain force majeure? Do not worry, you have the right to get a release from work for a certain period, a so-called leave at your own expense. This right is enshrined in the Labor Code in Article 128. According to this article, for any family reasons or other valid reasons, any worker is required to give leave at his own expense. It is enough to write a statement. But you must have the reasons, of course. Send an employee to unpaid leave only by the decision of the head can not. leave at own expense This is considered a violation of labor law. Leave at your own expense is a matter of a purely voluntary nature.

Reasons for compulsory leave

It is clear from the very title that during such leave the employee is not paid wages, but the workplace is retained for him. The law names the grounds that oblige managers to provide employees with leave at their own expens

e. These are cases of registration of marriage, the birth of children, the departure from the life of close relatives. Also, workers who have a disability, combatants, heroes of labor, heroes of the USSR and the Russian Federation, persons entering higher education institutions, part-time workers, etc. can not be refused to employees. For each of these categories of workers, the legislation provides for the different duration of such leave at their own expense. And for civil and municipal employees, the duration of unpaid leave is limited to one year. If the employer does not give an employee from the above categories on his application unpaid leave, a person still can not go to work. Naturally, within the days that were named in the application. And disciplinary punishment for absenteeism can not be applied to him. If the employer decides to punish such an employee, then these actions can be appealed to the appropriate authorities.

How to properly formulate an application for such an leave?

The head must put his visa on the application and sign the order. You carry this statement to the accounting department, you received the leave at your own expense. The main thing is to properly draw up this document. self-bailment exemption Leave at own expense - sample application

To the Director ____________( name of organization, name)

from ___________( position, surname, initials).

I ask you in connection _______( indicate the reason) to grant me unpaid leave from _________( date) to _________( date) duration( specify the period) _____ calendar days. application leave at own expense

Date and signature.

Accounting for the duration of the leave

It is necessary to know that the calculation of the length of service for the registration of paid leave depends on the number of days of vacation at one's own expense. The work experience includes the time of unpaid leave of no more than 14 days. In addition, the period of unpaid leave does not fall within the calculation period for calculating the average daily wage - only real days are taken into account in the calculation.