Knitting from grass. Features and Models

You still risked and bought yarn, which is popularly called "grass".Now it remains to decide what you will knit from it and how to do it so that the product looks as good as possible. There are a number of simple rules for doing this, under which you are guaranteed a tremendous result.

Knitting from weed. What can you think of?

Knitting from grass From this yarn you can not knit a wide range of models, as, say, from conventional threads. The products made from it will stretch and deform when you wear it. In order not to do this, you can do the following:

  • Starting knitting from the grass, you can add a suitable yarn of color and quality of another yarn. It should be fine, but at the same time do not stretch. This helps to avoid deformation of the finished product. Of course, the product will become somewhat heavier, but it will not lose its appearance.
  • Do not knit very loose viscous. On the one hand, all the "flaws" hide the fluffy layer, and on the other hand, the weaker the knitting, the easier it
    loses its shape.

What to choose: knitting with knitting needles or even crochet?

Knitting with knitting needles A knitted thing will be more durable if crocheted. But in this case, the canvas will not be as smooth and smooth as when using spokes. But if you add an additional thread, the finished thing will be equally good to keep the shape. Also important is the chosen model. If you are not a fragile and thin girl, then you should not choose the weed as a turtleneck yarn or a tight jacket. In addition to the seductive bust, this yarn will add volume to your waist and hips. The effect will turn out exactly the opposite of what you expected. But there will be a chance to see how you would look if you had a kilogram of five to seven denser.

Knitting from grass. Ideal models

As a rule, fluffy and voluminous shawls, stoles, scarves are knitted from grass. Just very impressive look inserts from this yarn in products made of ordinary thread. For example, the collar and cuffs can be connected from the grass, and all the other details of the jacket are made of semi-woolen threads. You can also create tracks or individual elements for decorating a finished product. Knitting from grass for children Knitting from grass for children is the main application of this type of yarn. Kids are very comfortable in soft and fluffy clothes, and how cute and funny they look, you can judge for yourself. In addition, the herb is completely synthetic, and therefore, does not give allergic reactions, which is very important for children. You can tie a suit or a fur coat, a hat or a dress. Everything will look just amazing! You can try your hand and tie the bedspread to the bed. If you pick up a mélange yarn, the effect of hue transitions will be stunning! In addition, due to the fact that the top layer is fluffy, you do not need to tie the entire canvas entirely. You can make tracks, which then sew. And the traces of the seams will be completely invisible! Having finished knitting from a grass, do not forget to comb a product a large round brush. Thus, you will free the remaining villi in the mating and give the finished thing a neat and elegant look!