Knitting from polyethylene bags is a great way to create original designer things

New application of polyethylene

Knitting from polyethylene bags more and more often begins to meet in an arsenal of knitters and people with unlimited imagination. How many useful and original handicrafts can be made with your own hands. Not all of them are made by true masters, which proves the simplicity of using this material. The availability and low price for polyethylene bags pushes many to try and master the technique of knitting products from this material. How many useful and necessary things in the household can be made from bags, you simply can not imagine! This is crocheted crocheted rugs, and original napkins, various flowers, as well as many other things, because the imagination of the masters is not limited to certain frameworks.

knitting from polyethylene bags Knitted polyethylene bags

Especially good is polyethylene when knitting bags of bags. He perfectly protects the things in the bag from moisture and practically does not fade with time. From garbage bags, unique and very durable bags for p

icnics are obtained, and some particularly perspicacious in this theme perform evening clutches with a decoration of flowers, also made of packages.

Preparation of material

If you are going to tie something, then you will definitely have to prepare "yarn".These are strips of a certain width cut along the bag. The tapes are connected by a certain knot. Or you can cut the ribbons in a spiral around the bag. This method is most convenient and does not create difficulties in knitting. Knitting from polyethylene bags has its drawbacks. This is the ability of the cut ribbons to stretch and often break, which, of course, will complicate your fulfillment of the plans. Also not all manufacturers of bags at their manufacture conscientiously follow the specified norms. This affects the quality of the material, some places the resulting ribbons will be thicker, and sometimes very thin with an equal width of the ribbon cutting.

knitting bags from bags Knitting from garbage bags

The thickness of the yarn can vary depending on the required thickness of the product. Also, the quality of the garbage bag itself affects the density of the product. More expensive packages have a high density, and packages of 20, 60, 100 pieces in a package are thinner and unreliable. Knitting from garbage bags can be performed with both knitting needles and crochet. There are no special techniques in the implementation of patterns, as well as special techniques, which, undoubtedly, is appreciated by knitters. You can pick up any pattern and execute it in the original, without encountering any difficulties. You just need to consider that knitting from polyethylene bags, it will turn out very dense and a bit stiff.

knitting from garbage bags A new bag for two days

Knitting bags from packages does not take much time, usually one or two days, depending on the complexity of the drawing. Some models of bags can be done in a few hours. But their size will be small. So knitted clutches, bags for phones, for e-books and smartphones. The performance of a notebook bag requires more time and more material to be used. Hooks and spokes are selected depending on the thickness of the tape and the required density of the product. If you at least once tried knitting from plastic bags, you will not part with this material ever. It is easy to use and not expensive at a price, which makes it even more attractive.