Chegem waterfalls. Chegem waterfalls( Kabardino-Balkaria), how to get there?

A narrow canyon, like a branched tree, was scattered over many lateral branches formed by the waters of mountain rivers. Swiftly running along the bottom of the gorge Chegem River, like an artist, created in the canyon amazing pictures that evoke a sense of amazement, delight and joy. Waterfalls that break from high cliffs are recognized as the pearl of the unique Chegem gorge.

Chegem River

A ribbon of the Chegem River winds along the Nalchik District, which is fed by the eternal snow and gigantic ice piled up on the Main Caucasian Range. Its current is directed to the north-east, towards the confluence of Malki and Baksan. Chegem manages to join Baksan before he falls into Malka.

Chegem river

Near the Kachkortash ridge, the river bed, tapering, turns into a slit crack, resembling a canyon shape, which is called the Chegem gorge. In this hidden corner there are unique Chegem waterfalls of fairy beauty.

Otherwise, it was hardly possible to name the river, canyon and waterfalls: the word "Chegem" is t

ranslated as "the earth broke down."And, indeed, a narrow gap, piercing the rocks, broke the ground in this marvelous place, allowing the water to descend from the stone walls of the canyon and sweep swiftly along its bottom.

Waterfalls of the Chegem gorge

The water cascade in Kabardino-Balkaria, near the settlement of Khushtosyrt, is formed by one large stream, tearing down from fifty to sixty meters in height and a dozen of those that are smaller( the height of their water column is about thirty meters).The water column of the large waterfall is quite wide, and the length of its streams varies.

Chegem waterfalls of Kabardino Balkaria

The gully in the gorge is rather narrow, sometimes it does not exceed fifteen or twenty meters. While the cliffs ascend skyward by 300 meters. The bottom of the canyon is raised by one thousand two hundred meters above sea level. And the steep mountain peaks, from where the rivers and streams descend, rise by three thousand meters. That is why the Chegem waterfalls are so beautiful.

Kabardino-Balkaria is proud of the picturesque nature of this amazing place, created by nature. The path to the amazing canyon with charming waterfalls is easily overcome in any season. Look at the bewitching spectacle in summer and winter flocking to a multitude of travelers.

Weeping waterfalls

Water pillars are often called "crying" waterfalls. Multiple jets escaping from the crevasses merge into streams that flow to the rocks and rapids of the rocks. And when you look at the miracle created by nature - the Chegem waterfalls - it seems that from the stone walls "tears flow like streams."

The gorge is multifaceted in its beauty. It harmoniously merged into the fairy symphony lyric pacification, exuded by pearl streams, gently flowing on the steps formed by rocky stones, and the deafening roar of boiling water poles, falling from the heights of 30-50 meters.

Chegem waterfalls in summer

In the summer Chegem waterfalls are a magical spectacle, enchanting extravaganza. In the warm season, some jets fall in small cascades, others trickle from the crevasses in the walls at the very top of the gigantic rocks. Water streams falling from the ledges are broken into a myriad of splashes, transformed into water dust, in which the sun's rays, refracting, create a radiant picture, sparkling with a multitude of rainbows.

Chegem waterfalls

In the summer period the gorge is full of life. On steep stone walls, in the most unexpected of their places, flowers, shrubs and trees grow, stubbornly clinging to the rock. In the mesmerizing "chorus" of waterfalls, bird singing and the chirping of insects are organically poured in, and the entire canyon is filled with a magic melody of a unique nature.

Waterfalls of Chegem Gorge in winter

In winter, the canyon does not lose its captivating charm created by waterfalls. Water streams freeze, turning into fantastic sculptural compositions. Pillars and jets form "ice palaces" with arched facades and slender colonnades. The cornices, from which the stalactites hang, are covered with an icing of ice curtains. The ice steps descend steeply down to the bed of Chegem.

Chegem waterfalls excursion

Although in the winter the rock covers a giant ice shell, the water does not cease to flow from them. Under the thickness of the ice, the streams are beating, pulsating, trying to break out. However, this only leads to the building up of giant ice columns. The stone walls of the canyon are completely hidden under the bizarre cobweb of icicles and ice pillars. In winter, as well as in the summer, the Chegem waterfalls are spectacular. An excursion to a stunningly beautiful canyon, whether in the warm season or in the winter months, will crash into the memory of travelers for a long time.

How to get to Chegem waterfalls

Chegem Gorge is a popular place. They reach him by taxi, by bus, by private car or by excursion transport. Taxi drivers from Nalchik have long paved the route to the famous canyon, they gladly take tourists to this magical place.

A trip to the gorge on a public bus is the cheapest and least comfortable option, allowing you to visit the Chegem waterfalls. How to get by public transport to the wonders of nature? At 17-00 a bus departs from the town of Nalchik to the village of Bulungu. Travelers in advance ask the driver to land them at the parade.

Chegem waterfalls how to get

On a private car, tourists are moving along the M 29 Pyatigorsk-Nalchik road. Having reached the village of Chegem 2, they turn right and continue to the place where the pointer "Chegem waterfalls" stands. From here it is necessary to go another sixteen kilometers to the Chegem Paradrome.

In the gorge, organized groups of tourists are often brought on excursions. Having purchased a tour in Nalchik, Pyatigorsk or other cities of the Caucasus, travelers come comfortably to the canyon on sightseeing buses.

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