Sevastopol: sights of the city and its surroundings( photo)

Hero-city Sevastopol is located on the southern coast of the Crimea. It was built by the decree of the Russian Empress Catherine II.Huge commercial seaport, cultural and historical and industrial center of the Crimea. In this city, fanned by military glory, are the main bases of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia. Sevastopol sightseeing places

Sevastopol occupies an area of ​​1079 km, the water area of ​​the sea bays is 216 km. On its territory there are the rivers Black, Belbek and Kacha.

This is the only city in the Crimea that was besieged twice during the world wars. Priceless are the unique monuments of history, architecture, culture located on the territory of this glorious city. Centuries meet here. The sights of Sevastopol and its environs are of great interest not only for Russian and foreign tourists, but also for researchers and researchers. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Crimea.

Sevastopol: sights of the city

There are many significant dates and important historical events in its history. This is a u

nique city - Sevastopol. Sights here are found at every step. Walking through the city, you can see the excavations of the powerful ancient Greek city-state of Chersonesos. It was laid in the V century BC.e. At the end of the 20th century, his excavations began, which continue to this day. sights of Sevastopol


The history of Cape Chersonese is rich in bright historical events. Once there was an ancient Greek city.

Today there is the National Reserve. On the territory of the "Tauric Chersonesos" you can see the remains of the walls of the ancient city and the basilica of Uvarovskaya. There are also:

  • Antique Theater.
  • Museum.
  • The Misty Bell.
  • The Vladimir Cathedral.

Antique theater was built in the IV-III centuries BC.Its capacity is more than 1000 people. The Uvarovskaya basilica is named after the earl of SS Uvarov, who discovered it during excavations( 1853).In ancient times it was the residence of the head of the diocese of the ancient city. The construction of the basilica is attributed to the VI century BC.

Misty Bell

On the territory of the reserve "Chersonese Taurian" there is also a Misty Bell, set on a hill. Its weight is 150 poods. The bell was cast from the captured guns of the Turkish troops in of Sevastopol

During the Crimean War, he was taken to France and installed at the belfry of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, where he remained until 1913.The bell returned home, thanks to the efforts of the consul of France in Sevastopol.

In 1925, when the monastery was closed, the bell remained. He calls in foggy and rainy weather, warning the ships of the presence of coastal rocks. From here appeared his name - "Foggy".

Balaklava - sights of Sevastopol for tourists

In the Balaklava bay there are the remains of the fortress Cembalo. It was built by the Genoese in the middle of the fourteenth century, and already in the middle of the XV century it was taken by the Turks and named Balak-Juve, which in Turkish means "fish nest".

In Soviet times, a unique plant for the repair of submarines was created in Balaklava Bay. This top-secret enterprise was located in a rock monolith. It is almost impossible to see it from the sea or the earth. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was closed and virtually looted, but the technical uniqueness of the structure is still striking. On the territory of the plant today there is a museum of the Navy, anyone can visit it. Sevastopol City Attractions

Skel'skaya stalactite cave

An indelible impression is made on tourists by Sevastopol. Photo of the city, its attractions can be seen in all the advertising brochures of travel companies. But it's better to look at everything with your own eyes.

The sights of Sevastopol are not only historical and cultural monuments. The nature of these places is unique. In the Baydar Valley there is an amazing natural monument - a stalactite cave.

Today you can visit the tour, which will introduce you to this cave. Its length is 570 meters. The main attraction is the seven-meter stalagmite created by nature.

Grafskaya pier

Today, many tourists from all over the world come to the Black Sea coast to see the Crimea( sights).Sevastopol invariably attracts visitors to the peninsula.

In the city-hero there is a real architectural masterpiece - Grafskaya pier. Snow-white elegant columns, magnificent marble lions and an antique portico will not leave anyone indifferent. sights of Sevastopol and its surroundings

In 1783, Catherine II issued a decree on the annexation of the Crimean peninsula and the Kuban side to the Russian crown. The Russian fleet urgently needed a safe haven on the Black Sea coast. It became a harbor near the village of Ahtiar. Here the first pier was laid and Sevastopol was founded - a city that later played a huge role in the history of Russia.

The first pier was built of wood. A wooden pier was urgently erected. A ladder of wood led from the pier to the square. Later, she received the name of Admiral PS Nakhimov.

On the Grafskoy wharf today you can see memorial plaques telling about significant events in the history of the city and the country.

Pleasure boats are often moored here. Many excursions around the city begin with the Count's Quay. Particularly beautiful here in the winter, when it is highlighted by the colorful lights of the city tree, which is installed annually on the square of PS Nakhimov.

Sights of Sevastopol - this, of course, and Grafskaya wharf, which remains the heart of the city. Now near the colonnade is an annual parade of ships. Wedding corteges come here.

Malakhov mound

Describing the sights of Sevastopol, you can not ignore the Malakhov mound. This famous monument is located at an altitude of ninety-seven meters above sea level. It was named after the hero of Sevastopol, MM Malakhov, the company commander. This name of the mound appeared on maps in 1851.Sevastopol city photo sights

This is a very picturesque place. The mound consists of green alleys leading to the square near the Kornilov bastion. The memorial has several observation platforms from which the entire city is visible, as well as a very picturesque Southern bay.

Primorsky Boulevard

If you dream of spending your vacation in an unusually beautiful place, come to Sevastopol. Attractions, photos of which are often published in various publications, it is better to see in natural conditions.

On Seaside Boulevard Sevastopol invite all their guests. Before the Crimean War there was a battery in this place, which was strengthened and rebuilt many times. As a result, it turned into a three-tiered powerful structure. During the war, the battery was destroyed, for a long time in its place were ruins. Finally, the remains were removed in 1883.At this point the boulevard was broken, which was later named Primorsky.

The most notable place of the Primorsky Boulevard city residents, and visitors of the city, consider a musical fountain. Many happy to spend time here, resting in the shade of trees, admiring the chic flower beds and enjoying the melody that pours from the depths of the fountain.

All the visitors coming to Sevastopol, the sights, photos of which you see in our article, amaze with their diversity. The pride of Primorsky Boulevard is the Drama Theater. AV Lunacharsky, made in the classical style.

Monument to the submerged ships

It is well known that the city-hero Sevastopol held its defense twice for its history. In 1905 a column was erected in the Black Sea bay, crowned by a two-headed eagle. During the Crimean War, the command took a difficult decision to flood the domestic ships in order to prevent the enemy from entering the harbor. It was created under the project of sculptor Academician A. G. Adamson, architect V. A. Feldman and military engineer F. O. Enberg. sights of Sevastopol photo description

Admiralty Cathedral

On the hill in 1888 a cathedral was built in Byzantine style. The building was built according to the project of architect KA Ton. The Admiralty Cathedral is the sepulcher of naval admirals - VA Kornilov, VI Istomin, MP Lazarev, PS Nakhimov and others. Their names are engraved on memorial plates installed on the facade of the temple.

Ushakov Square

In 1983 a monument to the legendary admiral was erected on this square. And in 2001 the Russian Orthodox Church canonized under the name of the warrior Fedor Admiral Ushakov. His relics were transferred to Sevastopol. The sights of the city tell about the great people who made a great contribution to the history of the city.

Admiral F. F. Ushakov is famous for not losing a single sea battle. He created a special maneuver tactics of combat, which enabled him, as the commander of the Sevastopol squadron, and later the Black Sea Fleet, to win indisputable victories over the French and the Turks. In 1944 the Ushakov Medal and Ushakov Order( two degrees) were established.

Intercession Cathedral

In the heart of Sevastopol there is a five-domed cathedral built of Inkerman stone. It was erected on the project of architect VA Feldman in 1905.During the Second World War, part of the temple was destroyed. After the war, the building housed an archive and a gym. Pokrovsky Cathedral was transferred to the Church in 1994.

Defense of Sevastopol - panorama of

If you want to independently study the sights of Sevastopol, a photo describing memorable places, the scheme of travel to them you can find in the new guidebook, which can be purchased at every newspaper stand of the legendary city.

Many of its monuments tell about the heroic history of Sevastopol. But, probably, the most striking of them is the panorama of the "Defense of Sevastopol", known all over the world. The building, in which the monument is located, stands out with an impressive size - its height is 38 m. Inside the building there is a large-scale canvas of the famous artist F.A.Roubaud. The area of ​​this work is 1610 square meters.m.

Sevastopol Defense Memorial

This monument is dedicated to the defense of Sevastopol in the years of the Second World War. It was established in 1967.On the boards of granite carved the names of ships and the names of the parts that defended the city, enterprises that worked for defense. Here is the stele, on which are carved the names of Heroes of the USSR, who received this title for the defense of Sevastopol. sights of Sevastopol for tourists

The relief image of a soldier covering the city is located on the facade of the monument. The stylized image of the fascist bayonets symbolizes three powerful storms of Sevastopol, which the fascists undertook in 1941 and in June 1942.

On all tourists who come to this legendary city, the sights of Sevastopol and the surrounding area make a huge impression.

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