The most kind and memorable comedies about animals

Some film lovers believe that comedy is the simplest genre of cinema. This is far from the case. And if a spectator laughs and rests while watching a movie, it means only that a team of professionals has worked well over him. It is very difficult to make a good movie, one of the main components of success are actors. And if the actors are animals? Comedy about animals like everything, because they are always kind and positive. The creators of the films try to open the curtain and show the viewer an unfamiliar world that exists next to ours. A world in which dogs and cats are able to talk, joke, make friends and fight. May be?these stories are not so fantastic? !

Cats and dogs are the main characters of

More often people let in their home and their lives lovely, whimsical seals or mischievous and faithful dogs. These funny animals become full members of the family, they are loved, pampered and forgiven all sorts of pranks. It is because of this proximity to man that cats and dogs often appear on the

screen. Script writers and directors put all their imagination in the comedy about animals. And show the audience that their favorite pets may not be so simple and good-natured. comedies about animals

List of the best comedies about cats and dogs:

  • "Road home"( 1st and 2nd part);
  • "Beethoven"( 1-5 parts);
  • "Santa Lapus 2: Santa Lapushki";
  • "Miracle Dog";
  • "Hotel for dogs";
  • "Bamboo";
  • "K-9: Christmas Adventures";
  • "Marley and I"( 1st and 2nd part);
  • "101 Dalmatians";
  • "Shaggy Special Forces";
  • "Cats against dogs"( all parts).

Set - farm

The closer to everyday life, the more interesting the film. The viewer likes to associate himself and his animals with the characters of the movie. But history can not be trivial, it must necessarily reveal the characters of the characters. Children's comedies about animals show the familiar animals on the new side.

The fantasy of a child is much richer than that of an adult, so it's easier for him to believe in history. The fact that animals in a farmyard or farm can talk, quarrel and make friends. The fact that a pig can stand in a row with a calf and a rooster to protect his house. A goose or horse shows the steel character of the warriors.

  • "Charlotte's Web";
  • "Baby. Four-legged baby ";
  • "Animal Farm";
  • "Mad races";
  • "Hands off the Mississippi";
  • Doctor Dolittle-3.

Wild animals are also movie stars

Not only pets, but also wild, forest animals fall into the camera lens. Often the plot of the comedy about animals is twisted around saving the forest. best comedies about animals Fighting defenseless animals for their home and lifestyle impresses people living nearby, and they come to the rescue. Because no matter how the world developed, nature is the mother of all living things. And in pursuit of money and land, a person should not forget about animals that can suffer because of his greed.

  • "Revenge of the furry";
  • Doctor Dolittle-2;
  • "George of the Jungle";
  • Vatanena Hare;
  • "The second book of the jungle. Mowgli and Baloo. "

Movies about animals show that people are not the most important on earth, that he can and should be friends with animals. And in real life, animals can make people change their view of the world and attitude to life.

Animals, children and adults

Often comedies about animals combine them in one command with children. Because children understand animals, animals trust them. They are united by naivety, kindness and desire to help, to achieve justice. Animals, like children, can not help touching even the most serious adult. movies about animal comedy In the soul every adult is a child, therefore in his heart there must be a place for good and caring for animals.

  • "Penguins of Mr. Popper";
  • "We bought a zoo";
  • "My boyfriend from the zoo";
  • "More than life";
  • "Buddy";
  • "Trouble with the monkey";
  • "Dunston appears."

Graphical "beasts"

Today, with the development of the film industry and computer technology, the best comedies about animals are replenished with films, where the main characters are drawn or graphic animals. Of course, the possibilities of such heroes are greatly expanded, the viewer receives a comedy and a cartoon film simultaneously. children

  • "Garfield"( 1 and 2 parts);
  • "Alvin and the Chipmunks"( 1-3 parts);
  • "Snowball";
  • «Scooby Doo».

Our cinema about animals

Today Russian cinema is developing rapidly, critics of the whole world admit it. In Russia there are talented screenwriters, directors and actors, whose work collects cinemas and captivates viewers. In the domestic cinema, even a little, but there are also movies about animals.

Comedies with domestic animals:

  • "Striped flight";
  • "Four taxi drivers and a dog";
  • "Tamer Tiger";
  • "The Dog The Barbos and the unusual cross";
  • "The New Adventures of Doni and Mickey";
  • "Salty Dog";
  • "The Soldier and the Elephant";
  • "Fur-trees are fuzzy".

Russian films about animals are always kind and a bit naive. They win the love of the audience from the first viewing. About these films they say: "I looked again and it became warmer in my heart".

We can understand animals

The fact that the future for movies and comedies already knew exactly Charlie Chaplin. But could a legendary actor imagine what a comedy about talking animals would be!

Every self-respecting American film studio has in its arsenal a film - another where animals speak or think in simple human language. The brightest talking animals starred in the films "The Road Home", "Doctor Doolittle", "The Revenge of the Furry", "Animal Farm" and "My Boyfriend from the Zoo."Phrases "spoken" by animals, fly away and become winged. Viewers can only be surprised at the skill of the filmmakers. Sometimes words so clearly fall into the frame with the "actor", it seems that they are pronounced by the animal independently. A good, kind and high-quality movie is a great work of a huge team and a wonderful gift for the audience. comedies about talking animals

Why do we love comedies about animals? Firstly: because they are cheerful and kind. Secondly: they can be viewed by the whole family or with friends. Third: adventures on the screen always create a special atmosphere when viewing and leave good impressions.

These films teach us the kindness and care for our smaller brothers. If you get a free evening, spend it watching a comedy about animals, you will not regret.