Dolls with their own hands from pantyhose: modern toys with a soul

In order to start creating toys, it is not necessary to have small children in the house. Modern dolls are more of a hobby for adults who are friends with a thread, a needle and a sewing machine. Although, for example, to make dolls with their own hands from pantyhose, the sewing machine does not even come in handy, because all the elements there are best done manually.

Dolls from tights: original products from unnecessary things

If a couple of decades ago, unnecessary tights used only to store onions on the balcony, now the needlewomen have come up with a more interesting continuation of life for them - now they are sewing dolls with their own hands. From pantyhose can be made as nice grandmothers and grandfathers, and quite creepy monsters, snakes, mice or hamsters. The technology of manufacturing such toys is one.

Dolls with their own hands from pantyhose The principle of tailoring

To create a unique doll with your own hands, you do not need a lot of pantyhose from pantyhose: scissors, needles, thread, thin wire that ke

eps the shape, sintepon, glue and, of course, pantyhose. Also do not forget that you will still need yarn to create hair, cloth for clothes and make-up cosmetics. To create such a doll, you do not even need a pattern, the principle of its making is simple. Filling the sintepon, which is desirable to tear your hands on small pieces, the head, having formed from this filler spout, cheeks and chin, you must proceed to the firmware of the product. A long needle with a thread in the color of tights is given to the shape of each part of the face, even nostrils are created, the cheeks, eyebrows of the doll are emphasized. Wire is necessary to give firmness to the doll's knobs and legs. If you decide to make a popular pop-doll, then you need to do the ass, having formed the necessary convexity and dividing it into 2 buttocks.

Rag dolls with their own hands

Completing the doll image from pantyhose

Having made all the necessary details for the doll with your own hands from pantyhose, you can start creating hair and clothes for it. The created parts of the body are simply sewn to the things sewn for the toy.

Tilda dolls - the fascination of modernity

It's hard to imagine dolls made in accordance with an ambiguous view of beauty. But, according to Tony Finanger, the founder of the popular doll brand Tilda, her creations like non-standard solutions and challenge all the usual. They can simultaneously wear ball dresses and rubber boots, put a bouquet of weeds in a crystal vase, while the chic roses will wither in an ordinary jar.

Creating a Tild: finding out the nuances of

For sewing dolls Tilda own hands you need a clear pattern and knowledge of the nuances. For example, the main distinguishing feature of these dolls, in addition to unnaturally elongated limbs, is tanned skin. The craftsmen either pick up a suitable fabric, or paint it in cheap instant coffee. Most often, the body uses linen or cotton, and the choice of fabrics for clothing is free. The eyes of the craftsman are made by embroidering French knots or simply painting them with colors on the fabric. These same colors can make a nose and brown your cheeks.

Dolls Tilda own hands

Great choice for creativity

Of course, for those who like to create their own unique things, the choice is not limited to these two types of dolls. If you want, you can find a lot of ideas how to create rag dolls with your own hands, choosing for the beginning those that are easier to sew.

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