How to make a homemade gun at home?

Pistol - constructor

What folk craftsmen will not think of! Their inventions never cease to amaze and delight. And if in the childhood the boys were making slingshots, then, after growing up, some of them set out to make a gun at home. But not everything is so simple, for this it is necessary, at least, to know thoroughly the whole basic construction. Sometimes this is only an inoffensive hobby, and sometimes the weapon is made by persons aimed at committing a crime. In general, firearms manufactured and assembled in an industrial way imply both special equipment and compliance with the requirements of all technical documentation, which is set for each specific kind. These are documents about the ballistic properties, the reliability of weapons and whether it poses any threat to the owner.
homemade gun at home

Pistol with your own hands

And how to assemble a homemade gun at home? In general, there are several ways:

  • each part is made independently;The
  • pistol is assembled from parts, wit
    h some parts manufactured in an industrial way;
  • by re-making weapons with the addition of new properties, which often completely changes its purpose;
  • by the method of altering various devices( starting pistol, rocket launcher, construction and assembly pistol).Supplementing such shooting inventions of industrial manufacture, it is possible to receive the real firearm.

gun at home

"Ignition" - crazed handles

Usually homemade gun at home is made from improvised material, without special technical equipment, without documentation, not observing the safety rules. At best, it's good, if there are at least at least drawings.
make a gun at home

How is the gun manufactured at home?"Kindle" - the so-called most common weapon - homemade. It consists of a trunk, a handle, fasteners and other elements and details at the master's discretion. Take a thick-walled pipe with a diameter of 8 to 20 mm. In order for the propellant gases to go in one direction, one end of the tube is brewed. Although here everything is ambiguous, sometimes the end is flattened, in some cases even twisted with a bolt, pre-cut the thread inside the tube. The handle of "ignition" is usually made of wood, the form is chosen handy( when shooting).On the handle under the barrel, which has the form of a circle, make a cutout. The trunk is fixed to the handle with metal plates. This homemade gun at home instead of the powder charge uses match sulfur, the bullet is replaced by various metal balls from under the bearings, as well as other suitable scrap metal, for example, pruning nails.

You can make weapons, but carefully

As you can see, making a homemade gun at home is not so difficult. But by making it ourselves, out of improvised material, without special equipment intended for the industrial production method, we expose ourselves, our loved ones and other people to danger. Be careful! And do not give weapons to children!

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