How to sew a dress with your own hands easily and simply?

What will be required

Many women of fashion would like to learn how to sew. Of course, this is not an easy task, requiring certain knowledge and practice. But we must start with something. In this article, we will talk about how to sew a dress yourself, without much experience in this matter. In fact, everything is not so difficult! Before you sew a dress, you need to prepare everything you need. The tools will require: sharp scissors, needles, threads, tailor's pins, crayons or a piece of soap. You do not need to buy a sewing machine immediately. First try yourself in cutting and sewing, maybe you will not like it at all. You will also need a wide table for cutting the fabric. In extreme cases, it can be done on the floor.

how to sew a dress

Greek dress

sew a dress yourself Usually, correct patterns are required for patterns, but you can do without them. How to sew a dress without a pattern? Simply and easily! For example, a Greek dress. This outfit can be short or long, from any matter, but its distinctive feature i

s the assembly of the tissue under the breast and the bandage tied in this place. To sew such a dress, you must first determine the fabric. Simply fold a piece of cloth and attach it to yourself as if it were a ready-made dress, having estimated the desired length and width. Next, on the cut, you should note the middle - this will be the shoulder line. We draw this line with chalk. Perpendicular to this line is another line - a cutout. Then cut out the hole of the right size, trying on how it will look décolleté.We process the cutout by sewing threads. Then you need to tie the tape under the breast and fix it, sewing for this loom, or the tape itself on the sides in two places. Next, you need to adjust the length of the dress and cut the fabric. The undercut must also be sewn, giving it a neat appearance. All! The dress in Greek style is ready! You can decorate it with rhinestones, paillettes or flowers made from the same material.

Dress from T-shirts

how to sew the dress itself It will be interesting for novice seamstresses to learn how to sew a dress from a T-shirt. This dress, like the previous one, does not require special knowledge and sewing skills. If you have a T-shirt that you do not wear, or that you want to decorate, turning it into a dress, then from it you can get an interesting summer outfit. Mike should preferably choose a color one. You will also need a piece of fabric that matches the color or pattern of the shirt. From this piece we sew a skirt - the lower part of the dress. So, we cut off the bodice of the bodice and two more strips below the bodice - these will be ruches around the neckline. Before you sew a dress, you will need to take measurements from yourself. This: the chest girth, girth of the hips and waist, the desired length of the skirt or dress. From the cut of fabric we sew a skirt( you choose the style to your taste).It can be a straight or slightly flared model. In the latter case, two pieces in the form of a trapezoid are cut from the material. At the skirt you need to sew the side seams and sew the girdle to the bodice of the dress. After trying on the dress and adjusting its length, we process the hem. Cut off strips for ruches need to be sewn in the middle in such a way that then, pulling at one end of the thread, pick it up. Assembled ruchek sewn to the neckline of the neck of our dress. As you can see, nothing difficult in how to sew the dress itself, no. The main thing is to have a desire to get a beautiful and original thing in your wardrobe.

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