Knitting pinets with a simple knitting pattern

The appearance of crumbs in the family is a solemn event. Pleasant troubles are associated with it. The whole family is engaged in the acquisition of a dowry. And what kind of mother or loving grandmother will deny herself a pleasant lesson - knitting things for the baby! Perhaps the very first clothes that are knitted to a newborn are small shoes. Knitting pinets with knitting needles

Knitting pinets with needles

The first new thing for a newborn is a tiny product. Therefore knitting pinets with knitting needles is not a very laborious process. When starting needlework, you should choose a simple method of knitting pinets.

Choice of yarn for shoes Knitting pinets with knitting needles

For warm pinets, soft woolen yarn is perfect. The summer version of the shoes is made of acrylic or cotton yarn. For boys choose threads of blue, green hues, and girls are knitted from pink or orange yarn. White or yellow booties fit both of these babies.

Number of yarn for shoes

Knitting pinets with knitting needles will require a small amount of yarn.

To do the work you need fifty grams. The thickness of the spokes corresponds to the selected material. Usually booties are knitted with knitting needles No. 3 or No. 4.

Knitting technology

The calculated number of loops per knitting needles. It depends on the size of the shoes, the thickness of the selected yarn and the number of knitting needles. These parameters are easy to pick up.

A simple knitting pattern for the

pin. Getting Started

The work starts from the middle of the foot. They recruit fifty-six loops. All rows are knitted with facial. Having pierced the first row, they begin to unfasten the foot.

Decoration of the foot of the shoe

For the tying of the feet, 26 facial, capitulum, 4 facial, nakid, 26 facial are tied. All even rows are sewn with facial loops. Additions are made in every odd number. The number of loops increases from four to twelve. After that, the band is tied with a facial and ends with a foot. How to Knit Pins

Decoration of the front of the shoe

After the foot is ready, proceed to the design of the top of the booties. Crochet without adding ten rows of facial loops. To loosen the toe of the shoe, the first 26 loops and the last 26 loops are removed on the pin. The middle part of the blade, of 12 loops, remains on the spoke. The next stage of knitting is outlined according to the scheme: three rows of facial smoothness, one row with facial loops. The pattern is repeated from the first row. The last loop of each row is tied with one loop, taken off the pin. Twenty-four rows are also sewn in the same way. There are 40 loops left on the spokes. The middle part of the shoe is ready.

Design of holes for the lanyard

The holes in which the lace will be inserted are knitted as follows: on each hinge, two hinges are performed in sequence, the front and the hinges.

Top of the shoe

Twenty four rows are knitted in a pattern: three rows of facial smoothness, a series of facial loops. The pattern is repeated from the first row. Finish the top part of the bootie in eight rows, connected by facial loops. All the loops are closed. The shoe is ready. A simple way to knit pinets

Assembling the finished product

The side seam is sewn or crocheted. To decorate the feet on the first hem, the crochet is knitted with a row of pillars without a crochet. In the loosened holes insert a string, crocheted, or a satin ribbon. We knit the second shoe according to the same pattern.

Using multi-colored yarn and a variety of patterns Simple Knitting Pattern

Knitting pinets with knitting needles is an exciting activity. Using a simple scheme, you can link several of their options. To do this, you just need to select another pattern and pick up new combinations of threads.

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