The most expensive coins of the USSR.Jubilee coins of the USSR, the most expensive

Replenish the collection with a valuable coin is the cherished dream of every coin collector. On the rarest specimens a real hunt is arranged, collectors are ready to pay huge sums of money for them.

A priceless treasure can be found not only on the ocean floor, but also in a regular home piggy bank. Almost everyone who has managed to live in the Soviet era, stayed home coins of that time. Let's check, suddenly you have the most expensive coins of the USSR?

Study of history with the help of money

Over the 70 years of the existence of the USSR, from 1921 to 1991, a lot of small denomination coins were issued. Due to limited runs and short walking times in circulation, some of them have turned into a real treasure and a collector's hunt. Individual specimens were not even put into circulation, but were immediately sent for remelting due to mintage mistakes or change of plans from the country's leadership.

The history of money is closely connected with the history of the state, so it's so interes

ting to look at the money, remember what events were associated with the issue of this or that edition. Coins are also a cultural heritage, not just historical. Let's make a short excursion to the past, and the most expensive coins of the USSR will help in this.


In 1921 a mint opened in the newly-formed country, paper money began to gradually replace with metal. During the 1920s, 8 coins were issued, which turned into rare coins over time. The rarest, famous and expensive coin of this time is 50 cents in 1929.We minted it at the Leningrad Mint. To date, only one known specimen of this coin exists in the world. He is at the private collector. The price for which it was purchased at the auction - a record, and is 10 million rubles. More expensive coins in the USSR simply do not exist. In the rating "the most expensive coins of the world" the USSR would have taken the first lines thanks to this copy.

the most expensive coins of the USSR

Next on the list is the ruble of 1922, a penny and two-kopeck coins of 1925, 2, 3, 5 kopecks in 1927.A two-kopek coin of 1927 is still on sale, even it is relatively inexpensive - from $ 5,000.The next valuable issue for collectors is the year 1925.For such a coin, found by chance in a piggy bank, you can get from 60,000 rubles.

30th years

This period is significant because the money was minted from silver. They were denominations of 10, 15 and 20 kopecks. The circulation was very limited in connection with plans to switch to an alloy of copper and nickel. The beginning of the era of industrialization required saving precious metals for the acquisition of foreign technology. Therefore, these most expensive coins of the USSR( the cost of each specimen reaches 100,000 rubles) are considered the rarest.

what are the most expensive coins of the USSR

If you get an announcement about the sale of coins in 1931 - do not trust him, most likely, a fake or fraud. To buy such a copy is now almost impossible. The real coins were minted from silver, and they are trying to sell the forgery from copper or nickel, which is very similar to the original in appearance.

The next valuable copy of this period is 20 kopecks, minted in 1934.Only a couple of dozen coins survived, they diverged in private collections. One of them can be seen in the State Hermitage. All the remaining circulation was sent for destruction. The cost of such money is about 100 000 rubles. Also to rare specimens are 5 kopecks 1933, 1934 and 1935.

40th years

In connection with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the ensuing blockade of Leningrad, the mint was evacuated from the besieged city to Krasnokamensk. Workers went to war on the front, and metal was needed for military needs. Only in the second half of 1942 work on the coinage of coins were resumed. They produced 450 pieces of two-kopeck coins, but up to the present days none of them has survived.

The fate of 10 and 15 kopecks in the 1942 issue is slightly better: individual coins have reached the present day, but it is extremely difficult to meet them. It is almost impossible to meet 10 cents in 1944 and metal money issued in 1947.

the most expensive coins of the USSR

The 1947 issue has a particularly interesting story. Almost the entire circulation was sent for remelting, since during the coinage an error was made in the image of the USSR coat of arms. The number of bandages on the coat of arms was incorrect. However, some coins survived and went to private collections. Therefore, the money in 1947 is the most expensive coin of the USSR.The prices for them are from 10 000 dollars for a piece and above. Not every collector can afford to own such a treasure.

the most expensive coins of the world

50th years

The most interesting in this period is 1958.What are the most expensive Soviet coins of this period you can recall? In 1958 NS Khrushchev paid a visit to America, where he saw the opportunity to buy products through automatic machines. The principle was simple - just throw a coin in the machine - and get the necessary goods. Impressed Khrushchev returned to the country with the desire to organize in the USSR the same way of trade.

The most expensive coins of Russia, the USSR

It was instructed to design the machines for retailers and start coinage, which would be suitable for this. Since the monetary reform was planned, new coins had to be put into circulation in the framework of this reform. But the money was released, and the reform was not destined to take place, so the entire circulation went safely to the remelting.

As it usually happens, some of the coins from remelting were saved. Representatives of this rare and very expensive issue are estimated at an amount of 120,000 rubles apiece. If you search for ads, you can find offers for sale or exchange.

60th years

This period is famous for the monetary reform of 1961.As a result of this reform, the purchasing power of money should have increased 10 times. Then there was an idea about making the smallest coin not a penny, but half a penny. The trial run was started in chasing. However, the idea turned out to be economically unprofitable, but in circulation it was also very uncomfortable, so it had to be abandoned. Up to now, no more than a dozen coins have been received in half a penny. The cost of such a money reaches 500,000 rubles apiece.

The 1970s and 1980s for numismatists did not bring anything particularly interesting, but coins of this period are also on sale, and their cost reaches 15,000 rubles apiece. We are moving for two decades ahead.


This dramatic period of history is remembered by many. In 1991, there ceased to exist a country whose invincibility was never questioned. Moreover, she disappeared suddenly and unexpectedly. The realization of what happened happened not immediately. In 1992, the Leningrad Mint coined a small circulation of coins with a face value of 10 rubles in 1992.

The mad rate of hyperinflation quickly made this money unsuitable for circulation. She became a rarity, which is very appreciated by numismatists. This concludes the history of the coins of the Soviet Union. It is important to note that the list of valuable coins of the USSR is far from being exhausted, there were much more. Only the most outstanding of them are marked here.

That's how the most expensive coins of the USSR help to remember all the important events that happened once with this country. They are silent witnesses of those times.

The most expensive coins of the USSR - the topic is quite extensive. Who does not like, having received a jubilee coin for the change, to hide it in a piggy bank and not to spend it? And how many of them were there in the history of the USSR?

Jubilee coins of the Soviet Union

In all for the history of the USSR, 68 jubilee coins were issued. The most popular denomination is 1 ruble, but you can meet 10, 15, 20, 50 kopecks, 3 and 5 rubles.

The jubilee coins of the USSR are the most expensive

They were dedicated to various significant dates: the anniversary of the Victory, the October Revolution, the lifting of the blockade from Leningrad. In addition, coins were issued in honor of friendship of peoples, youth festivals, dedicated to cities and famous personalities, especially many coins were issued in honor of the Olympics. Outstanding champions of value or rarity among them there, the circulation was large, the period of circulation in circulation was long. A valuable coin could only become if an error of coinage occurred.

The jubilee coins of the USSR are the most expensive

Almost all jubilee coins of the USSR, the most expensive ones - including, were minted in two forms: the usual quality for release into circulation and improved quality, in order to be sold in banks and stores for numismatists.

Where can I buy coins?

The most expensive coins of Russia, the USSR, really valuable and rare copies of the purchase, of course, will not work, they are stored in museums and private collections. If you do not have the money of that era at home, but you want to collect a small collection for the memory of a country that does not already exist, then a huge number of online stores offer to buy such souvenirs at affordable prices. Deciding on the purchase of copies in the collection, especially expensive, carefully check the coins for authenticity.

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