Actress Michelle Mercier: biography and filmography

Almost every woman read the novel Anne and Serge Golon "Angelica".These works are a real embodiment of romance, beauty, love and tenderness. After the books were filmed, even the men started talking about the magnificent Angelica. The languid gaze of the golden-haired beauty, the ideal figure and strong spirit conquered the hearts of the strong half of humanity, and women envied temptress in the person of the artist Michel Mercier. Biography, the date of the death of her sister, filmography will be described in this article. Perhaps, it is the tests that the actress faced in her life that made the screen of Angelica unforgettable. Michel Mercier biography

Michel Mercier: biography, years of life, the beginning of the path

The artist was born in 1939, on January 1, but her parents did not feel any joy. It turns out that the real name of the screen version of Angelique is Jocelyn Yvonne Rene Mercier. Her beauty owes the girl to her Italian mother and French father. Michelle Mercier( biography of the actress is full of misf

ortunes) grew in the shadow of a younger, pliable sister. It was her parents who wanted to leave the only wealth - a pharmaceutical company. The father and mother considered Zhoselin to be stupid, not giving much importance to her childhood dreams, although the girl was engaged in ballet from the notorious teacher M. Fontaine.

After the youngest daughter( named Michelle, by the way) died, her parents completely forgot about the older child. From that moment the new life began Michelle Mercier. Biography of the delightful woman continues in London, where she began to work in a popular ballet company called the Trocadero. True, she did not become a ballerina, and soon Zhocelyn had to return to her parents' home, where she was not particularly pleased. Instead of tender words and embraces, which they so wanted to hear from his mother, the girl was accused of debauchery. But in fact Jocelyn, despite her beauty, grew up a respectable girl, and until that time remained innocent. .. Actress Michel Mercier Biography

Because of her modesty, Michelle Mercier( the biography of this extraordinary woman deserves attention) missed the chance to go to the screen test with Elvis Presley in Hollywood. Men with admiration looked at the girl, and after all on it there was a closed dress, absolutely there was no cosmetics, and the hairdress was very modest. At that time, Hollywood seemed to Michelle "a nest of debauchery," and the beauty, without thinking twice, fled from there, however, she did not give up her career.

Working in the cinema

Actress Michelle Mercier, whose biography is full of interesting facts, began her career in 1957, when her film director Denis de la Patellier became interested in her unusual unusual beauty. He immediately rejected the real name, changing it to Michelle( according to the official version, it was borrowed from the famous actress Michel Morgan, although this was the name of the younger sister of our heroine).She made her debut in the movie, starring in the film "Turning the Handle."

Immediately after the first role, films "Give me a chance", "Shoot the pianist", "The nights of Lucrezia Borgia", "Do you love Brahms?".According to the film publishers, natural sensual beauty and photogenicity were a real gift for the artist. Michel Mercier biography of children

Michelle Mercier: biography, children, personal life

Jocelyn, like any woman, always dreamed of family and children, but, despite the extraordinary beauty, she was unhappy. In 1961, Michelle became the wife of director Andre Smaggi, however, the marriage did not last long. Constant scenes of jealousy and alcoholism of her husband forced the actress in 1965 to file for divorce. Five years later, Michelle again tied herself up in marriage, this time her second half was racing driver Claude Burilo. In 1976, the couple broke up, and it happened after the beloved left Michelle without jewelry and money. The last man, who was interested in the actress, was a prince, even a wedding was planned. To date, the woman is still alone, by the way, fate never gave her children. Michelle Mercier( the biography of this magnificent woman was like a fairy tale and drama at the same time), like no other, knows that neither fame nor money will replace true love.


From the proposals to act in films there was no release. Actress Michelle Mercier( a woman's biography associates herself with the life of the indomitable Marquise of Angels) first moved to the UK, and then to Italy. After numerous roles in Italian sketches, she became the most popular French artist in Italy, but in her native France everyone was little known.

The fate of Michelle changed greatly after the release of the film "Angelica".Every picture of melodrama is a real epic, and the heroine itself has enchanted many men and caused envy among women.

From the main role in "Angelica" initially refused to Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and Catherine Deneuve. Successfully passing the test, Michelle received a role that made her world famous.

The first two films of "Angelica" were shot in the pavilion of the studio "Bolon-Biyancourt".The shooting schedule was very dense: in the morning Michelle played a 25-year-old woman, and after dinner - an eighteen-year-old girl. No shooting began until Angelica's body was covered with a special compound, through which the effect of shimmering skin was created. If the actress wanted to walk at night naked, she would shine like a Baskervilles dog.

In the late 60's, the name Michelle Mercier was associated only with Angelica, so she got the appropriate roles. In 1968 she worked in the film "Lady Hamilton", she did not act in an intimate scene: she was instructed to make a doublet. Although it is rather difficult to believe in this: where else did the directors manage to find a woman with such an ideal body? Michel Mercier biography of the date of death

Michelle's partners in the films were Marcello Mastroianni, Jean Gaben and Jean-Paul Belmondo. Admired her and the famous Charlie Chaplin. At the height of success, the actress agreed to the role of a prostitute in the film "The Thunder of Heaven", it was watched by almost a million viewers. Director Christian-Jacques proposed Michelle to play the murderer in the film "The Second Truth".


Full list of works by Michel Mercier to consider for a long time, so I would like to dwell on the latest paintings:

  • "Those Who Loved Richard Wagner."
  • "The Red Chapel".
  • "Women of the World".
  • "Venus and Apollo".
  • "Gin and tonic".
  • "Life annuity".
  • "The Iron Hand".
  • "Call of the Ancestors".
  • "The Scandal in Rome."
  • The Golden Widow.

Michel Mercier biography years of life

Interesting facts

  • Mercier starred in many foreign films because of her knowledge of languages: she is subject to French, Italian, German and English.
  • One of the fans mutilated the face of Michelle, because of what she had to turn to plastic surgeons.
  • The actress worked in a pair with Robert Osseyn( in addition to "Angelica") in three scenes: "The Second Truth", "Rope and Colt" and "The Thunder of Heaven".
  • For the filming of films "Captive Devil's Island" and "Sea Avengers" used the same scenery.

Today Michelle Mercier( biography, date of death of close people, career of the actress is still interested in people) lives in Cannes and is engaged in writing memoirs.

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