Rinse throat with soda: available and effective!

The disease always violates our plans. Before fleeing to the pharmacy for a new medicine, it is worth remembering how they treated the infection before, without using new-fangled medicines. Gargling with soda is one of the most effective measures in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases. Soda is available to everyone, but in the right dosages it is useful for adults and children. gargling with soda

Rinse throat with soda and salt

This recipe is familiar to many, sometimes iodine is added to these ingredients, calling the medication "seawater".All the constituent parts( water, soda, salt and iodine) are in every house, and the preparation of a rinse solution does not take much time. So, in a glass with hot water add 1 tsp.soda, 0.5 tsp.salt and 4 drops of iodine. A new mixture is prepared for each rinse. The advantage of this composition is a powerful antibacterial effect, however salt and iodine can overdry the mucous. For this reason, do not abuse the "sea water", and apply it no more than 2 times

a day.

Can I rinse my sore with soda for children?

can i gargle with soda

If you choose between soda and medicines containing alcohol and toxic preservatives, it is better to give preference to folk remedy. Gargling with a soda in a child causes a negative reaction. Therefore, you need to make a less concentrated solution. For 250 ml of water, take 0.5 tsp.soda or even less, but make sure that the baby uses the entire contents of the glass. Accelerate the effect of drinking warm milk with soda. Milk envelops the inflamed mucous and relief is felt almost immediately. In this case, pathogenic bacteria and viruses die, as they can not reproduce in an alkaline environment.

Useful properties of soda

Few people know what medicinal properties of soda. Information that it dehydrates the body, tested and proven by scientific research. Getting into the blood, soda changes its acidity. sips throat soda during pregnancy During the cold, the body begins to fight the cause of the disease from the inside. Infection is inhibited by the fact that the bacterial-friendly acidic environment becomes alkaline. If you do not just rinse with soda, but take in the milk, you can quickly cure angina, SARS and pharyngitis. By the way, doctors do not refute the useful properties and harmlessness of soda solutions and beverages. That's why drinking milk and gargling with soda during pregnancy does not harm the health of the mother and fetus, unlike pharmaceuticals. Sometimes this is the only way that helps pregnant women to cope with the impaction in the goal or to calm the sick tooth.

How correctly to be treated?

Gargle is recommended up to a maximum of 4 times a day. After each procedure, you need to refrain from eating and drinking for 30 minutes. If you decide to take milk with soda, you should know about the following recommendations:

  • milk can be any fat, it is brought to a temperature of 60 degrees, the baby can be made just warm;
  • is taken strictly on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal;
  • is not washed down and does not stick.


Not always children, and adults, can be treated with soda because of its unpleasant taste. In this case, you can recommend inhalation with it. It is also a proven method that will help cure a sore throat.