The lips are heeling, the heels are cracking. What to do?

Skin is the largest organ in a person and yet the most vulnerable. Why - it is clear: it is the skin that takes on the entire impact of the environment, and it is on it primarily reflects all the malfunctions inside the body. No matter how comical it sounds, the skin always wants to eat, drink, it needs constant attention. Needing all this, the skin immediately makes itself felt dry, dull, gray. And it's not just about the face skin. Lisp lips? Are wrinkles wrinkled? Are the heels cracking? What to do, we will consider further.

What could be the reason?

The reason can be different in each case. For example, perhaps the most common complaint: heels crack, what to do with it? heels crack what to do Avitaminosis never goes away in vain, just because of it, not only the skin on the face dims, but cracks appear on the heels, sometimes very sensitive. Often this may be a symptom of more serious diseases, such as diabetes, thyroid problems. And because if the heels are stubbornly cracking - what to do? It is necessary t

o go to the endocrinologist and just in case to hand over all analyzes. If everything is in order - then you need to look for the cause in yourself, that is, in poor care of your legs. Summer is a catastrophe for the skin of the feet: everyone wants to walk in light shoes without backdrops - flip-flops, sandals and flip flops. Thus, the weight of the body is entirely on the heels, flattening and traumatizing the skin of the feet. Not to mention the fact that dust and dirt fall into inconspicuous microcracks and deepen them, and even bring an infection. But there's nothing to be done about it: you can not forbid anyone to walk on your bare feet, but you can strongly advise to make medicinal baths with soda, salt, salt, and essential oils every night. A wonderful effect gives foot baths with a decoction of potato peelings. After the bath each time you need to apply a foot cream to your feet. It is inadmissible to use rough iron thrashes when taking care of your feet - it scrays the skin and worsens its condition.

cracks on the hands what to do Another problem - cracks in the hands of

What to do with weather-beaten, cracked, hard-working hands? This problem arises solely because of the lack of proper care for them. The habit of washing or washing dishes without gloves, the way to go to the wind with wet hands - how not to dry the skin of your hands? And if you still forget to apply the cream - there is nothing to blame. Ambulance can be, for example, such: handbaths with decoctions of medicinal herbs - chamomile, sage, burdock or coltsfoot with a few drops of any aromatic oil - lemon, bergamot, tea tree. Then - applying a greasy cream. There is one effective remedy that is easy to prepare at home: mix 100 g of glycerin with a teaspoonful of alcohol and use a mixture to treat cracked skin. Great, if you manage to leave this remedy for the night, putting on soft cotton gloves. By the way, this same tool well helps when the heels crack. What to do in the case of glycerin cream? Yes the same thing - after the bath, apply the product to the skin of your feet and put on socks to leave it that way for the night.

Cracked lips what to do And if the lips crack - what to do with them?

Lips crack for the same reasons, as mentioned above: avitaminosis, metabolic problems, with the stomach. If the cracks in the corners of the mouth - it can be a fungus, which requires special treatment. And most often weathered, chapped lips are those women who do not take measures to protect them from wind, sun, frost. Virtually all cosmetics contain chemicals that corrode the delicate skin of the lips. Not everyone thinks about the fact that it would be nice to apply hygienic before applying decorative lipstick. And in winter, lipstick on the lips - this is a disaster for the lips. Lipstick literally freezes to the skin, traumatizing it. What is quite surprising is the habit of many ladies at night not to remove lipstick, and all cosmetics. What then is there to talk about? Love yourself more - and problems will be much less!