Means of "Cinnabsin".Instructions for use

The medication "Cinnabsin" refers to a group of homeopathic remedies. The drug has anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory effect, reduces increased secretion in the nasal sinuses. In addition to the ability to facilitate breathing, the drug is involved in strengthening immunity.

cinnabsin instruction Indication

The medication "Cinnabsin" recommends the use of the application for inflammation of a chronic or acute nature in the paranasal sinuses. The drug is prescribed in combination therapy, in particular with pathologies such as frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, sinusitis and others.

Dosage regimen

The "Cinnabsin" medication recommends that patients in the acute period should be consumed in an acute period from 3 to 6 years every 2 hours on a tablet, but not more than six times a day. After relieving the condition, the dose is reduced to half a tablet three times a day until the symptoms are completely eliminated. From 6 to 12 years, every hour is given on a tablet, but not more than 8 times. After i

mproving the condition - a pill a day twice before recovery. Patients with 12 years each hour given on a pill, not more than 12 times a day. After relieving the condition, appoint 1-2 tablets.three times a day until the symptoms are completely eliminated. Against the backdrop of chronic conditions, the drug "Cinnabsin" for children( experts confirm this from 3 to 6 years) is recommended to be given three times a day for half a tablet. From 6 to 12 years - twice a day on a tablet, over 12 - three times a day for 1 table. The drug is taken until complete recovery. If relapsed conditions occur against the background of chronic course of pathology, the duration of therapy is up to two months. The drug is drunk half an hour before a meal or at the end of half an hour after it. The tablets dissolve in the mouth. For patients of three to five years, the drug is allowed to dissolve in the liquid or the product is crushed.

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Preparation "Cinnabsin".Instructions. ADVERSE REACTIONS

On the basis of therapy, allergies, skin manifestations may occur. If these effects occur, the drug is canceled. The agent can provoke an increase in salivation. If this symptom appears, you should lower the dose or stop treatment by contacting a specialist.


The drug "Cinnabsin" during pregnancy and during lactation is prescribed only according to indications. Independent reception is not allowed. Not recommended for hypersensitivity. Due to the lack of data on the safety of the drug should not prescribe a drug to patients under three years.

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"Cinnabsin" remedy. Instructions. Additional information

If the dosage recommendations are observed, it is unlikely that the agent will be poisoned. At the initial stages of treatment, deterioration of the condition is possible. In this case, you should see a doctor. The medicine does not affect the psychoemotional state, therefore it is allowed to appoint persons of any profession. In the absence of efficacy for the first three days of admission should consult a specialist. Drug interaction with other medicines, which is of significant importance, is not described in practice. There may be a negative effect on the condition of patients with intolerance to lactose and kelaxia.